A little History lesson on, "High- End" cables:

Inquiring minds might want to know, how the High-End cable market all got started.  Expiring minds?   Well......   (http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/a-short-history-of-high-end-cables/)

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Good read, if a little disconcerting at how recent those days still appear.

Cables became the biggest get rich quick scam in audio I suspect mainly because of the near ubiquitous use of thin cheap bell wire in combination with flimsy poor connecting DIN plugs etc up til the 1980’s (the audio equivalent of the much despised SCART cables).

Obviously thicker fancy sleeved wire terminated with heavy duty connectors must be better? Obviously. Weren’t we always told that it’s pointless to skimp on a few feet of wire and plugs when we spent hundreds (or thousands) on hardware?

Thankfully, due to the dawning realisation that reasonably gauged high purity oxygen free copper cable is above and beyond what anyone might conceivably ever need, those days are now drawing to an end.