a little help with understanding/matching my components..

Hi all,

Longtime reader and music/gear lover, but never needed to ask your help as most of it is already been discussed.

I think i have a question thats not been asked before, at least not with these components.

First the components i use are:

B&W Matrix 804 speakers (http://bwgroupsupport.com/downloads/specsheets/bw/Matrix%20804%20InfoSheet.pdf)
B&W MPA1 monoblocks
Resonessence Labs Herus+ dac
MIT speaker cables
Mogami W2534 interconnect
MacMini/Audirvana+ source(i use the digital volume control of the Herus+)

Question 1: do my amps and dac match well or do i have some impedance mismatch? or do i need a preamp, sound wise i think it works beautiful but i'd like to know if the dac output is a serious bottleneck. I am saving for an RL invicta, but that's gonna take a while.

Question 2: I have finally found a B&W Bass Alignment Filter for a nice price and now i am wondering if i run in to problems if i put the BAF between my dac and power amps?

As you can see i have included links to the specs of the components, i understand the basics but most of it is out of my league. That's why i hope you can help me understand.


P.s. i hope i posted this in the right sub, admins feel free to move it to the right sub if needed.
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well after doing some more reading i think i have parts of my questions answered. input impedance from source to load is typically 10 or more times greater with ss. 

but is there going to be some problem with the bass alignment filter? how is that going to handle a max 32ohm signal?

i would think there won't be a problem, but i don't want to damage anything either.

would be nice if someone could enlighten me on this one,