A little help with a source

Hi All, 

I write because I have finally come to the point where I need to pay attention to my source. I listen literally to everything(except country) but am currently listening to a lot of jazz and electronic. Currently I have a need to pay attention my source. Ideally I want to keep things simple and go with something that will stream high res files (tidal) but can also serve as a stand alone server for my library of CD's.I am currently running the following equipment:

Pre: NAD 165Bee
Amp(s): Anthem MCA 20,  Red Dragon Audio  M1000-MkI Mono Blocks, Red Dragon S500
TT: Project Debut Carbon
Speakers: Gallo Ref 3.1, Green Mountain Audio Continuum I, Magnepan 1.5qr, Magnepan MMG's, Spatial Audio M3's
Cables: Anti Cables throughout

I would like something simple and cost effective (I am a poor audio enthusiast). Any direction or advice would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks in Advance!!
Consistent with your expenditures(thus far) and desires/requirements, this might fit your needs: (https://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-udp-203/)  Oppo has a good rep, for providing an excellent performance/price ratio.
I recently purchased the Blusound Node 2.

It simplified my setup...
- gone is the imac
- gone is the Dac
- gone is the USB/SPDIF converter
- gone are all the associated cables and power supplies

The Blusound also
- sounds better than my previous setup,
- is easy to install and setup,
- easier to keep updated with the latest software release,
- easier to use from any droid device

I also have the Powernode 2 on my AV system -  again very easy to use.

It interfaces to most popular streaming services and has a plethora of free radio stations

Cost is in the $500-$600 region 

Great price, great value, great music

Hope that helps
Perhaps my impression that the OP wanted to be able to play CDs and listen to high-res files through the same device was in error.    If so: OOPS!