A little help for Birdseye

Hi Goners!

I am trying to find the best multi channel amp for the following:
B&W 805s's and matching center channel all in Birdseye maple...
Preamp and Phono amp are from Joule Electra, cd player from Rega,TT from Technics.

Would you please suggest your opinion [and WHY!] as to what multi channel amp AT or UNDER 5k you would recommend?
Please keep input serious as i could use sage advice...:-)
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I've been using an Adcom GFA 7400 for over ten years now. It does a fine job at how I use it, for center and surround duties, and for a time, to power my old B&W DM 620 speakers.

I have just left it on continuously for the whole time, without a single issue, and the sound is actually very good. When I bought it new, it was around $800+-.

Best of luck finding what you're looking for.