A Job Well Done ...

From time to time some of us experience problems with our equipment and have to contact the manufacturer. Most of what gets posted in the forums is "bad" and that input is very valuable to the forum community. I am happy to post a very positive experience that I would like to share. I won’t boar you all with a long explanation but about 6 months ago I started having problems with my Modwright SWL 9.0 linestage. I tried new tubes and about a million other remedies but the fact was - the linestage had a problem. Well, since the unit was out of warrantee I took it to a trusted local shop they did their best to fix it, but problems remained. I held off on contacting Modwright because I figured it would take forever to get them to respond to a unit out of warranty and cost a ton to be repaired. I’m not a millionaire so I need to cut cost where ever I can.
Finally I gave up, I emailed Modwright expecting a long wait – Dan Wright himself emailed me within minutes. I am a big Modwright fan from way back but didn’t expect that would carry much weight. Dan setup the return and while it did take some time for them to find a very tricky problem – they stayed with it and I received the linestage back last week. Modwright had the unit for a little over a month but I received several emails updating me on the progress. It turned out to be a resistor that had to heat up before failing and they had to test the unit for a long while before they could replicate the problem I had. They stayed with it and over time we figured out, and repaired the problem. Modwright was quite reasonable when it came time to pay for the repairs. More than that, I received emails from Dan himself telling me what was going on. I really feel this was not a problem with the linestage which is now almost 5 years old but one of those things tube gear owners have to learn to deal with. In fact I have now pulled the linestage out of the rack and have it in a much better ventilated area which is what I should have done from the start. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Dan and his company for taking care of me. If you read my posts you can tell I love my Modwright linestage but I never expected this level of service on a unit well past its warranty. I am often criticized by my friends for what I spend on audio components but with that comes a relationship. Dan takes his customer relationships seriously and I can’t put a value on that. I don’t think Modwright is alone; Cary, Jeff Roland, ARC, Conrad Johnson are all companies I have read good things about and hats off to all the companies that take care of their customers and value their relationships.

Thank you Dan …. Keep up the good work !!!
Dan's the best.
Have not owned a Modwright, but almost bought one
recently. That's great to hear about superb customer
support, and I would not hesitate about buying a product
from a company from/like them in the future.

That's what takes the fear out of this great hobby.
Dan can be relied on to be fair and consistent.
My e-mails to and from Dan and a few phone calls, all were very quick. Dan even answered the phone every time I called. He is a wonderful manufacturer with excellent product.