a Jazz Holiday music link....hope it works

I hope all/some will give this a try....it is a family tradition with most of my friends and family.   One of the best radio stations available...both their standard Jazz station and this holiday music link....and yes, they would love your donation and contact.  I have had much good contact with the "DJs" at the station....extremely knowledgeable and very, very open in sharing that knowledge.  
They are the type of people that when you say "The Blue Note" and "Sweet Basil's" ...they know what and where you are talking about... simply good people rather that big egos. 

KCCK  the station for Kirkwood Community College, they have students as "guest" DJs sometimes and it creates an atmosphere in young people that is needed to keep classic Jazz/acoustic Jazz alive. 

https://www.kcck.org/playlist/   Just hit "Listen"

I would have never something that cool could come out of Iowa !!  ( I live in St. Paul) .

Worked for me , a very good Christmas Jazz outing . Class!