A.I. Rock & Roll travesty

Artificial intelligence in everyday life is reality.

Whether you agree with it or not, it's going to change we listen to music.

The latest WTF are people thinking:

Steve Marriott's Children Fight to Stop AI-Generated Songs (variety.com)



@tablejockey It's known audiogon bug that does not like the ampersand in the thread headings. 

This represents MHO on the subject.  A dangerous precedent is being set for all performing arts.  My son, a struggling actor has had a few recurring minor roles. So I herewith disclose a vested interest with MHO.  I am concerned with AI.  We as audiophiles and music lovers should also be concerned.  


The estate has the legal right to pursue AI reproduction, and I have no argument against their legal right to do so.  We all experienced the lack of movie, theater, and TV content with the SAG writers and actors strike.  AI was a major issue and addressed in the new contract.  Studios own content.  If studios produce independent AI content of a performer (outside of a contract the expressly addresses AI content) the studio has to get the performers permission and compensate the actor, but no minimum is set.  This is  very lax protection.  In addition the studio can use all content they have of all performers to train AI for “synthetic“ content.  No compensation is prescribed.  All supporting roles and extras can be synthetic.  Relating this to music, all of the musicians supporting the performer can be synthetic.   I must question where the art and human  passion in the performance will be.  I am going to try to not support AI generated content.  

We have opened a dangerous door with AI. Inevitable I suppose, but dangerous none the less.

Many pros and cons yet unknown, and no way to put that genie back in the bottle.


Just one redneck’s take on things… 


Black Mirror, season 6, episode 1, “Joan is Awful” will peel back your eyelids regarding AI….

I read a Classical Music review magazine called Fanfare.  One of their reviewers had AI generate a review on a well known recording, the Pianist Sviatislav Richter’s live 1958 performance of Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition.  Not only was the review amazingly similar to a human review, it was 600 words long and was generated in just 10 seconds.

  OTOH, the AI generated Beethoven Tenth Symphony impressed me much less

@mahler123 , and will always be thus, now and forever...

"Is it real...or Memorex?"  Will it matter if one can't really tell in X seconds?

Why 'RentA'Uman!' when a digital foxy proxy will be more acceptable, amenable, and cost the vendor zilch?

Will the current flock of children's children turn to digitaled sheep?

...not of the mind nor GI tract to witness....

Just what we need... another means of facilitating greed.

AI need not take the form of "rebellious" robots or cyborgs to take us out.

Just look at the damage that's been done so far via misinformation! 

We'll kill each other off soon enough. No need for Terminator scenarios. 


"We'll kill each other off soon enough. No need for Terminator scenarios."

stuartk- advancement of A.I. and robotics ensure "Terminator" figures will speed up our demise.

Meanwhile, as A.I. takes over R&R, Keef Richard's will still be strumming his guitar with a robo Mick!