A Hidden "Feature" of the Cornwall IV

The Cornwall IV is so sensitive in all respects.  Source, cables, power, time of day, recording, tubes---it is so revealing of changes you make.  I won't say it's scientifically transparent.  Instead, I'd say that it's overtly shows a difference with every change you make.  That can become a game or enjoyable in its own right, and draw you away from the music.

The good news is the Cornwall IVs are clearly a musical speaker.  This translates into most swaps of gear in and out sounding pleasant in their own right.    

Here's the problem:   I can easily sit tight with the Cornwalls and any decent setup of attached kit. But it is so utterly intoxicating to hear so many different things play with the Cornwalls.  

Curiosity killed the cat.  This cat might end up in bankruptcy!

What a wonderful loudspeaker. 
I have owned klipsch speakers in the past that I felt needed and benefitted from various upgrades. Even though better crossover parts would surely be an improvement, I don’t have any issues at all with the CW IV that lead me down that road. In my opinion, they need not apologize for any facet of their performance.


Head throbbing treble.   Searing treble w wrong amp. 
  To much treble.  
As mentioned.  How much is klipscch paying you.  ?????
I have owned Klipsch(Heritage and Reference) speakers for the last 15 years and have never experienced that "piercing" treble that chases one out of the room.  Source, amplification, placement/toe-in, room acoustics, all come in to play with Klipsch(and others) speakers and sometimes it requires some work to get it "right".

Head throbbing treble.   Searing treble w wrong amp.
  To much treble.  
As mentioned.  How much is klipscch paying you.  ?????

Spoken like a true neophyte. Have you heard any of the recent klipsch offerings? My guess would be “no”.

It’s always fashionable to bash klipsch speakers so newbies like to pile on and virtue signal. It’s what they do.

Would any of the owners of the current Klipsch IV lineup be so kind as to post the approximate dimensions of their respective rooms?
My next speaker purchase is going to be one from the Klipsch Heritage line (now that the Forte IV is out). I need to audition all 3, but I know my room is going to have a huge impact on which one I should buy. Also, if you could supply the distance between the speakers I’d be most appreciative.
Thanks in advance.