A Hidden "Feature" of the Cornwall IV

The Cornwall IV is so sensitive in all respects.  Source, cables, power, time of day, recording, tubes---it is so revealing of changes you make.  I won't say it's scientifically transparent.  Instead, I'd say that it's overtly shows a difference with every change you make.  That can become a game or enjoyable in its own right, and draw you away from the music.

The good news is the Cornwall IVs are clearly a musical speaker.  This translates into most swaps of gear in and out sounding pleasant in their own right.    

Here's the problem:   I can easily sit tight with the Cornwalls and any decent setup of attached kit. But it is so utterly intoxicating to hear so many different things play with the Cornwalls.  

Curiosity killed the cat.  This cat might end up in bankruptcy!

What a wonderful loudspeaker. 
I am loving these ....   I went to buy my daughter a soundbar, and listened to the Heresy IV.. .   Almost bought Forte III but out of stock,, so timing was perfect.  Some have called them Baby Cornwall IV....not so sure about that.  But they do possess the sonic signature of the CW.   Bass is great but not quite the pitch definition of the Cornwall.   Beautiful midrange, no harshness or fatigue on the top end .   The Klipsch detractors should give them a listen.

 Driving them with a pair of Quicksilver Mid Monos and c-j Classic 2SE preamp.  

Sounds great .
@kcpellethead The CW IV is very satisfying without subs. But I have a large room and like the added fill at the lower frequencies. Most people would probably be fine with the speakers sans subs.

" Agree with garbage crossovers. Great speakers. Buy new crossovers from alk engineering and they really sing."

I agree with all of this but it is amazing how special these straight from the factory speakers are with the lowly junk crossovers.  There are a bunch of shade tree mechanics in the Klipsch Heritage "fan boy" groups and we have to let them tweak a bit.  Is it really any different than a C7 Corvette owner buying performance parts to squeeze out more performance?  Out of the box the C7 can hold it's own against exotic cars double it's price.  Pretty special car at it's price point even with it's not so exotic archaic pushrod engine.

Love my Cornwalls!

Cornwall II, decorators. When I got them, they were black, hand painted with a brush - a few times. Previous owner got them from a bar. Even had chicken wire protecting the woofer. Not pretty, but sounded really good. They had both the Crites XOvers and Tweeters. I did extensive bracing - side/side - front/back - motor board - corners - port shelf. Also damped the midrange horn with spray/damping material on the outside to get rid of the ringing. 

They were brought up a bunch of notches because of these tweaks/mods.

So yes, upgrades from the factory make a difference. Previous bike was a BMW S1000RR. A beast by any measure. Swapped out the pipe, added 8hp to it (on a 450lb machine that approx 200hp, it made a difference...) Did I have to do this? No, of course not. Did it "go" better? Yes, it did. (And it sounded better...)

Crossover components matter, a lot. So if you can get them to sound better with comparatively few dollars, why would you not do that???

I have owned klipsch speakers in the past that I felt needed and benefitted from various upgrades. Even though better crossover parts would surely be an improvement, I don’t have any issues at all with the CW IV that lead me down that road. In my opinion, they need not apologize for any facet of their performance.