A heartfelt thank you to AudiogoN and members....

Nationally and internationally, these are difficult times.  Thank you to AudiogoN and all the contributors for the sanity and peaceful stability of this site.  The troubles of the world are obvious and talked about continuously, but also there is good and AudiogoN is part of that good, Thanks. 


 for the sanity and peaceful stability of this site

Except for:

cable threads

digital vs. vinyl threads

made in China threads

anything by Kenjit


Glad to hear we're helping your state of mind, @jusam.  The world can get a little crazy and we all need a break from it.  Hope this site stays as peaceful as it's been lately. 

Agreed, the moderators are really good culling out the politics or non-audio rants that pop up. 

True Audiogon keep our sanity... it’s normal to have some members like MC to stimulate us a bit and awake us, Just don’t take it personal, Enjoy it.My wife love it when I tell her some of the funny post here.

It has been more civil around here.

I've noticed that more people have been disagreeing without being disagreeable!



Most anything can be viewed from the other side of view.

Except for Kenjit.


Music is one of those things that can take you away from all the other problems. A satisfying system only helps.  Thanks for the pointers and recommendations.  I learn a lot just following conversations.