A happy and joyful festivus to everyone

May the aluminun pole shine bright during the airing of the grievances. Be sure to be extra harsh on those who have adjusted the volume, leaned on your rack or placed a beverage on the speakers.
Festivus for the rest of us. Don't forget, it's not over until you pin your father. Just be glad you didn't get a card from Castanza for the 'Human Fund'. LOL.

My daughters cat decided a couple of days that it wants
to climb my audio rack all the time... Should i wait till after christmas before i make slippers out of it?
Hey any one who can rest a drink on my maggies has my blessings!

Voodoochile- of course you should do it before christmas, this way your daughter can get the sleepers from santa ;)
Tireguy, you may want to reconsider if someone tries to do it horizontaly.

I gave my brother a little device you might find handy (aside from a BB Gun with a scope;)). It is a little antitheft device for laptops that has a motion sensor, and when tripped, puts out an 80db alarm that should very quickly teach the cat to stay off. If that doesn't work, try a gunny sack, a few feet of rope and a lead weight. Add a cat and a lake, and problem solved;)
You know this reminds me of something a few years back..
(high school). I stopped by my friends house.. he was still
living with his parents. I pulled up the very steep driveway
way up on a hill and saw my friend standing by his motocross motorcycle looking at the gas tank. I said Jim whats up? What are you doing... He said MY DAD SHOT MY MOTORCYCLE with a shotgun! I said what? why did he do that... He said there was a bird that kept landing on his dad's Ferrari Dino and he got so pissed he saw the bird on the motorcycle and blasted him.
It was very funny.. His gas tank and seat had many holes!
His dad was very much into HI-END audio and everything else
high end... Moral of the story...I guess dont mess with a mans Ferrari or HI-FI? My daughter is gonna miss that cat!

Just kidding... she would never speak to me again.
Gosh darn it i did it again... I just switched handles
and i posted as old.. Sorry for any confusion.