A guide for Audiophiles and Marriage

I have seen too many members of this forum having a fire sale of good equipment just prior to or just after getting married. This is just not necessary. You need an Audiophile Prenuptial Agreement.

...to see The Audiophile Prenuptial Agreement, please go to my system at mitch4t and look at the last photo in the lower right corner on my system.

This is essential if you are planning on getting married and want to remain an audiophile.

If you are already married, you may want to add it as an addendum to your current marriage contract.

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You might like this comic from today


That cartoon is actually what I have posted to my system page.


Thanks Mitch4 very very cool.
Amen! I get a kick out of ads for gear that pop up ocassionally here on the Gon with reasons for sale having to do with: wife.
Now that's what I'm talking about! I mean I can understand divorce forcing sale, but not marriage. I STAY married because I love my system! I can't let divorce tear us (my system and I) apart.

Happy New Year,

Very true!

Ever wonder about some of these ads that state "bought it, love it, wife won't let me keep it"?

Is this tongue in cheek or do these biaches really make these guys sell their gear? I mean, making you get a vasectomy is bad enough, but selling your gear? :)
My Wife want's me to clarify that she didn't make me sell anything! Ouch those whip marks really hurt! ;0)~
I find the funniest ads are the ones marked 'PRICED FOR QUICK SALE!'. Followed by a price that is above regular prices. It's especially funny when you see the ad still sitting there past 30 days, unsold.
Danlib1, Making you get a Vasectomy? Ouch, did you barter for some exotic gear prior to going under the knife? Has it affected your hearing in any way? Are you enjoying the Vienna Boys Choir more these days?
"PRICED FOR QUICK SALE" Look Honey it just wouldn't sell, guess your gonna have to let me keep it?

Oh no- I still have my boys, and they're swimming. But LOTS of my buddies have faced the ultimate ultimatum from their wives- Vasectomy or decrease in copulation frequency.

I told my wife that under no circumstances was I sitting in a chair with a bag of frozen peas on my nuts for 3 days.She finally said "well, I do everything else, I guess I'll have to be responsible for birth control too". I of course, concurred. After all, she's the one with the problem- not me :)
Guess I'm lucky, my wife loks at the new gear and asks if I'll hear a difference and leaves it at that. She even bought me a new power cord for Christmas this year!

The best way for an audiophile to have a happy marriage is a separate listening room.
I have a trick.
Take the price tag from the ($400)interconnects and glue it to the ($4000)CDPlayer box.

Worked for me.
I got the vas' a couple of years after my daughter was born (she's 9 now) and frankly, it's great! No worries. Just "hop on pop" and away we go.

Oh yeah, my wife hated the way my old Polks looked so she "let" me get my new B&W's last year. Aah, the aesthetics of gear can be a benefit.
My Fiance: "wow, that audio gear is sure expensive. I really don't care if we just had a boombox. Then again, guys love electronics-I don't understand it-my dad owns 4 plasma TV's, and purchased them 4 years ago..as long as I can have my Kitchen-Aid, you can do whatever you want with your stereo equipment"

I guess if you want to keep the wife happy, buy her something nice too that she will enjoy!

I guess if you want to keep the wife happy, buy her something nice too that she will enjoy!

While this is true, you'll find that after she moves from Fiance to Wife, the Kitchen-Aid ain't gonna cut it!

Once they have that wedding ring, they'll make themselves more comfortable in the saddle. Kitchen-Aid....yeah, my wife might take that....haahaahaahhaa

It's more like diamonds and clothes and watches and cars and vacations and.........

If I gave her Kicthen-Aid as a equalizer for my stereo equipment, I couldn't sleep at night. No really, I couldn't....at least not since the John Wayne Bobbit episode.

My wife: "Well - I guess you know how much you make"
Me: "No - obviously I don't"

Dedicated listening room, separate bank accounts, VERY audio-tolerant spouse = happy marriage.
Follow military thinking, when it comes to my system
"Don't ask, don't tell"! Everybody wins. Cheers,
the don't ask don't tell certainly is the best way of going about it. my wife doesn't even notice most of the time. it took her 3 months to notice a new power amp! on the other hand my system has probably cost me 50% more than it should have, due to having to buy her gifts of similar value to the bits she has noticed.... what i wouldn't give for a seperate listening room! (small [though fairly big by london standards!] apartment...)