A Grounding Cable Question for those who know and own this addtion to their system.....

Hello Audioners - I hope all is safe and well. I am fortunate and lucky enough to own a TriPoint Troy Signature SE grounding station. I was very skeptical and first and that is putting it mildly that these even worked......but they really do after I added in my system. My question yo you is to those who have worked as well owned a grounding station - " do the grounding cables make a sonic difference '' ? Or, '' if you have upgraded your grounding cables did you notice a improvement in sound '' ? If yes, then someone explain to me how from a technical standpoint if possible, on why the upgrade made such an improvement in your sound. Thank you in advance.

garebear, Congrats!

Grounding seems to be one of the last unexplained audio tweaks. Until you have tried it, it is hard to explain the audio benefits, but it is so apparent once heard.


Just picked up a Troy Signature NG, beautiful unit and the results are undeniable!

Hello Bullot  - I hope all is well and congratulations on the Troy Signature NG. I would definitely like to move up to that unit at some point. It is amazing what TriPoint / Miguel can do with his grounding devices. I was soo skeptical for a long time under I finally bought my unit and was just amazed at what it had done to my system. I really enjoy working with Miguel and I just upgraded all my grounding cables with him and ; darn it once again it made a beautiful change to my system once again. Enjoy ......      

Thanks Garebear!  For me it was a no brainer.  I’ve had the Troy before and knew what it could do….and with my speakers having ground posts it was even more of an impact.  
With these new NG models you can upgrade the cable going to the wall.  Would love to hear from anyone who has upgraded this cable, as to the results!!

Gearbear, our you grounding source and if source both right and left channel or are you grounding the amps speaker terminal. Have you tried both? Which one gave you the best result?