A Grounding Cable Question for those who know and own this addtion to their system.....

Hello Audioners - I hope all is safe and well. I am fortunate and lucky enough to own a TriPoint Troy Signature SE grounding station. I was very skeptical and first and that is putting it mildly that these even worked......but they really do after I added in my system. My question yo you is to those who have worked as well owned a grounding station - " do the grounding cables make a sonic difference '' ? Or, '' if you have upgraded your grounding cables did you notice a improvement in sound '' ? If yes, then someone explain to me how from a technical standpoint if possible, on why the upgrade made such an improvement in your sound. Thank you in advance.

I own a Silver Tellus Entreq and I have made a couple DIY grounding boxes.

My initial reaction to your question is, it shouldn’t matter what type of grounding cable is used as long as it conducts. So, I made several of my own DIY grounding cable versions. Some from copper some from silver some a mixture, and I tried different gauges etc.

Then I found a used Atlantis grounding cable that was at that time the Entreq top of the line grounding cable. To my surprise, it did make a difference! Sorta of like upgrading the grounding box. Since then I bought a few more.

I can’t explain why, except, that maybe they are the right gauge, wire and length to properly work with their equipment.

The Tripoint cables are probably even more expensive, but you have started down the road...


I have an entry level GutWire grounding cable and was stunned at the improvement it brought to my system - added to the crystalline quality, blacker background, lower noise floor, etc.  It was very easy to hear these differences.

Hello fellow Audiogoners......I hope all is well and thank you for your responses as I am the OP on this thread. I would seem from the ( limited ) responses that I have received and even from Mr. spenav  who after grounding his system heard no effect, it would seem that upgrading the cables on your grounding box can improve the overall  '' grounding '' or sound of your system.  I will continue with TriPoint's grounding cables and as Ozzy had noted :  yes they are expensive but Miguel does does it right. I will comment on my findings in the next few weeks and  ; Thank you all again and stay safe and well.  

I now have a higher level GutWire grounding cable in my reference system and am even more impressed than I was with their entry level grounding cable.  It won't be coming out of my rig....

Hello Audiogoners - I received my upgraded grounding cable from Miguel at TriPoint audio last week and there was an immediate difference in the sound. I placed the Signature Edition grounding cable on my Accuphase A-75 amp and the sound was a little more clear and more realistic and it was if things just '' snapped '' a little more in focus with the addition or / upgrade of this grounding cable. Miguel at TriPoint makes I think the best grounding products in the marketplace. So, to answer my own question ; '' yes it did make a difference "  !