A Great Vintage Integrated?

I want to sample some good old vintage gear and I want to start with a integrated amp.Lets keep the price $200-$400 please.
Im looking for good bass and cool style.A phono stage is a plus but not required.
As it won't come with a remote how about an idea to overcome this.Creek passive maybe?
Thank you for any leads.
What speakers will you be using? What sources will you be using?
Unsound- The speakers are Paradigm Studio 80's
92 dB 8 ohm.
Rega Planet CDP
Mac MR-74 tuner.
Several choices here. Luxman L-450, ONIX OA31, Mission Cyrus One, Luxman L-105. Owned and/or listened to them all and they perform well.
I'm not familiar with your speakers, but it appears as though they are not fussy in their requirements. Your sources have a somewhat different sound signature. I would keep that in mind. Your room and ultimate desired volume will also be a consideration. How much do you want to spend?
Sorry, your budget was mentioned.
For solid state try and find a used Tandberg 3012A. It has plenty of power to drive your Studio 80s, has a phono stage, is built like a tank (solid extruded aluminum case) and is way cool looking to boot! I had one for many years before I had the where-with-all to step up to big-time separates.

Happy hunting!
Just went through the classifieds here on Audiogon. Nice selection considering price. I like the Creek. Seperates are not out of the question.
David: How vintage are you looking for? In addition to the above recommendations, you could look for some early/mid 80s Arcam amps and some of the original British make Cambridge Audio "P" model amps.

I used to have a Cambridge P55 (70 watts) and now wish I had not sold it. It sold for $800 in 1985 dollars and was much higher quality than the current Chinese made budget Cambridge gear. It was small and weighed a ton.

Good 'ol NAD 3020 integrated. Good luck in the search!
I second the NAD 3020, still holds a place near and dear to my heart
There is another NAD amp I liked alot. I think is was the 310. It was another variation on the 3020 theme.
Also the Naim Nait 2 sound awsome with the Planet.

A Scott 299 tubed integrated will provide astonishingly musical performance in this price range. Used of course. Don't be fooled by its modest wattage. And appearance-wise, it's totally cool. Good luck, Dave