A Great US Company

There's a lot of talk here about companies with good (and not so good)service. I just want to give a shout out to Vornado Fans. I've owned one for several years and it developed a noise at low speed. I e-mailed the company and was informed that it was guaranteed for life and all I had to do was send it to the company, no receipt necessary. About 2 weeks later, it arrived at my door in like-new condition - no return shipping charge and a 20% off coupon on my next Vornado purchase. There are still companies that do it the old-fashioned way. First-rate products and lifetime free service. Makes me proud.
I support Best Buy approximately the same way. I like that super store run by business genius. It doesn't have any glitches in customer service any product you purchase from there.
I also love J&R in NYC City Hall/Wall Street area and B&H photovideo in midtown NYC.
Sierratrading post.com

Spectacular customer service.
yup, I 2nd the company Vornado Fans. I have 4 Vornado fans that I use in various rooms in the house during the summer. 3 of them are the 280SS model & one is an elcheapo mini fan model for a much smaller room like a bathroom. Awesome fans esp. the 280SS model which I managed to get when the production was "Made in USA". The Chinese made fans don't come close in build quality nor durability.
Lots of good ones.

Gotta say though that Comcast service is perhaps the worst ever. A total train wreck! Every interaction is a disaster. Can't do anything right except find sneaky ways to charge you more.
Concur on Comcast. I will NEVER, EVER have them again. Lied about the $200 rebate I was supposed to get (took it to their CEO level and got a token back), then when house was rented to a graduate MS nerd and we couldn't get internet, they said everything was fine, it was on my end.

Next to Aetna one of the worst companies. They should be ashamed of themselves.

But we're on best, so more are Mountain Hardwear and Arcteryx. Lifetime guarantee, no questions asked. Oh, and throw EMS and REI in there too.
REI is great.

I bought a camping chair there once and it started to rip less than two years later. I walked in with the receipt and got a full refund no questions asked.

Comcast is expert at having customers pay for their service inadequacies which occur regularly. ALso at adding additional ongoing service fees in the process whenever possible. Avoid at all costs!
There are more of those "sneaky charge" more companies than the good ones. I was surprised that a financial services company I had a mixed response from being both good and bad was still using US representatives. I was convinced before I waited 30 minutes it would be a foreign voice but it was a convincingly US of A voice.
If you want the best possible service from an American company, I vote for Burger King. Not a single flaw. First class operation. I won't do business anywhere else.
I'm glad you started this. I have a nice big Vornado and did not realize it was guaranteed for life.