A great Thrift Store find...

Browsing a thrift store a while back I discovered a set of Quadraflex speakers. Twenty bucks, and they even look pretty darn clean. A three way unported design with a 10", 5" and 2.5" cone driver assembly. I finally got around to hooking them up and was extremely impressed. In my workshop I had been running a set of Infinity 4000 from the early '80s or so. I'm not sure, but I think the Quads are older. Anyway, these simply blew the Infinity's away in all respects. Wow, whatta deal.
pacific stereo distributed these as far back as late 60's /early 70's. the 10" would be the Q3 model.had Q2's(12" 3 way) with a 35.00 used sansui 1000A receiver and they rocked for me at the time.
These are the Q2's. I guess I eyeballed the driver wrong. I will say this 12" is a lot faster than the 12" in the Infinity. The difference is remarkable.
I bought a pair of Quadraflex demos from Pacific Stereo in Milwaukee in 1979. They had a dome tweeter. They sounded better than anything I'd ever owned. That dome made me visit Flanner & Hafsoos (THE Hi End dealer in Milwaukee, then), many times, to lust for the big (& unaffordable
for me then) ADS towers.....