A great shipping tip for all Merry Christmas

I wanted to share a great website for researching shipping quotes for larger freight type shipments. I recently sold my MAXX 2's weighing 1100 lbs and found fantastic quotes at FreightCenter.com. Signing up is free and once you put in dimensions, weight, reisdential or not you will get quotes from several different freight companies, 10 or more; all the top companies. Since FreightCenter is a reseller and does so much business, we can get better rates from them than going to any freight company direct. It cost $483 to ship my MAXXs from Scottsdale, AZ to Southern CA for two day service. We couldn't rent a U-Haul and do it cheaper than that! I hope this helps the audiogon community.
Thanks. That is extremely useful info. I have been hesitant to either buy or sell any equipment too heavy for UPS to ship -- this is great to know.
Ditto, I've used freightcenter.com with good results.
Awesome. thanks for sharing such a helpful website.
In this economy we all need to save a buck or two so we can spend it on better audio.