A great new for me Coltrane find - "Jazz"?

I was blissfully content with my Coltrane collection: Lush Life; Traneing In; Soultrane; Blue Train; Giant Steps; My Favorite Things; Africa/Brass; Live at the Village Vanguard; A Love Supreme; Crescent; and other "With/And" releases such as with/and: Kenny Burrell; Red Garland; Monk; Miles; etc. ... until a recent purchase.

I picked up two releases I'd previously passed on: Plays the Blues; and Jazz. I'd always assumed () these were compilations, which, for me, for such great artists like Coltrane, I avoided in favor of full, regular releases. John Coltrane "Plays the Blues" and "Jazz". Like, no shit Sherlock, I guess he does, eh? But these two releases are not compilations and are very good.

"Jazz" is exceptionally good! For me, I'd rank it right up there with Blue Train, Giant Steps, and Favorite Things. I think it is THAT good. (I don't mention A Love Supreme because, for me, it is like Miles' Kind of Blue - forever incomparable.) So for any Coltrane fans out there, check out these two lesser known(?) releases, especially "Jazz". I am thrilled I did.
Is this the one you mean


Philjolet - Yes!
If you don't already have it, check out 'Coltrane' on Impulse: http://www.amazon.com/Coltrane-John/dp/B000003N98/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1243561880&sr=8-7

Very similar in style to Love Supreme, but without the big programatic theme. Great record.
Grimace - Thanks. Another which flew under my radar. Will definitely check this one out.
I ordered Jazz thanks!

fwiw I like Ole' - pretty tasty
Philjolet - Ole' - thanks for the rec!
No one ever mentions it, but one of my all time favs is A Love Supreme live in France in 1965. Interesting transition between the 1964 changes and total freedom. The sound is also to die for (If you can get it on vinyl). CD is ok too.