a great blues album

just got finished listening to bb king's blues on the bayou & had to start it all over again,man what a great album.

ive seen bb king 3 times & own countless albums & sometimes im moved so much by his music that i listen to the same album twice.

if your a bb king fan or just like real good blues check out blues on the bayou, it smokes from start to finish.

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Yes!!! I totally agree. This is BB's best in maybe 20 years. He really just sits down and plays on this album. In fact, my favorite cut is "The Blues We Like," which is an instrumental 1-4-5 12-bar blues in E flat. Perfect!
BOOM! Read about it and buy it in 17 seconds. Gotta love the internet. Thanks guys for the heads up.
An enjoyable reminder how good Riley still is. I would also recommend a recent reissue of Blues in my Heart, an album he cut for Crown in 1961 with saxman Plas Johnson (who's - unfortunately - best known for the Pink Panther theme) and Maxwell Davis. A little less efficient, a little more raw with a side of shuffle, but an entertaining, straight ahead collection that includes "How Blue Can You Get?" and a cover of Percy Mayfield's "Strange Things." Good stuff.
One of my favorites Bigjoe. I saw him live in concert two years ago and his age/health has gotten to a point where he can't stand while performing anymore. He sat down the entire show. This CD is one I reserve to play when I'm home alone and I can turn it up.
I've seen BB twice, once in Vegas and once here in Utah. A great show both times. He may not be able to stand anymore, but he can still play it so it hits you hard.

Anyway, I'm headed to the bookstore today. I'll try and find it, now that I have money for music again.
hi guys,everytime bb comes to detroit im there,his health isnt the best for sure & when he sits to play its kinda sad none the less he is one of my favorite bluesmen.

BTW, this album is best with some volume behind it.

I also agree, that this album is well recorded and one of his best. I would also recommend his live concert BET The Jazz Channel Presents B.B. King. It is like being there Live. He sits down pretty much the whole concert, but it doesn't distract from the music. It is also recorded in DTS. which sounds awsome. You will be spining this DVD over and over, I guarantee it!