A good transport

Your opinion.
I am looking for a good transport to listen my music.
I have the Proceed AVP2 with a very good DAC.
Do I need an expensive one?

You can advise me of any price range below $4.000.
It can be a used one.

Jason Statham makes a good Transport, I believe.
Acoustic Arts Drive 1 mk 2 (~$2500), Audiomeca Mephisto II (~$1500), MBL 1521A (there is one advertised on AgoN right now below $4k).

Personally, I wouldn't go for anything more expensive than AA Drive 1 if I were you.
Pickup a Proceed PMDT and just use it for a cd transport. You will be amazed. I think the going price is in the 700-800 range. You will be very happy. Here's one on AgoN Item: 1234227441.