A good trade?

Hi. I have the Polk LSi7 speakers and love the clarity and detail but miss the low end bass. A friend of mine has some Polk SDA 1b speakers with the cable and was wondering if I would get the same clarity and detail from those as I do from my speakers? We would be doing an even exchange.....speaker for speaker. I am powering my speakers now with a NAD 7045 receiver and was wondering, since they are both 4 ohm do you think I would be ok with the larger 4 ohm speakers? Thanks for all that help me out with this dilemma.
It would be best to bring them over to your system for a listen. No one can know better than first hand experience.
What you two ought to do is trade speakers for 30 days, if either one of you don't like the speakers they got in trade, then both of you should agreed to go back to your orginal speakers without any hard feelings. It's fun to trade gear with friends, but remember the friendship comes first. Btw, hven't heard the SDA 1B, so really can't comment. Did listen to LSi7 and thought they were good speakers, but didn't get because of my concern with how they would behave with tube equipment.
I would but he lives almost 2 hours from me. Just curious if someone here has heard both or knows of someone who has. Thank you for the advice.
ok cool. Not a bad idea on the 30 day idea. Now I know why I came here, for good answers. Thanks.
You will miss the clarity of your speakers if you do the trade. I would just go with a small powered sub. I use a small sub with my B&W 805s two channel setup. It adds just enough bass to make me happy on Jazz and small groups.. I usually turn it off for rock! (apt life)
I have Canton speakers for my 5.1 system, and the CLARITY of the sound is the most noticable important thing with those speakers too.