A good time to buy now, or in the near future?

Just a thought, but some have made fortunes when the economy or a market segment was down.  The best I have ever done in the stock market,  real estate or some other investments (sports cars, rare coins..etc.) were buying when those, and other "things", were down.  But, as has always been true, speculation should only  be done with "play" money...not the money for you and your  families living expenses and safety.  
Perhaps trite, but the old buy low, sell high is so much wiser than buying anything at it's market peak.....that is the time to sell. 

Do any of you feel that now is a good time to buy, or is that bottom yet to be reached?


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On an unrelated note, at what age does an average person stop being flexible enough to get comfortably crammed into a 911?

in a car with 997 gt2 carbon fiber buckets or 991 lwb’s - 65
in a car with regular sofa seats - 70+ would be my guess
991 gen is actually easy to get in and out with sofa seats, car is not that low

a lotus or mclaren is much more challenging for in/egress
in the long run we are all dead

enjoy, spend wisely, but delaying gratification so you can bargain hunt is foolish in opinion

unless you have figured out a way to take all the money with you when your time is up... if you have, dm me  :)
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