A good time to buy now, or in the near future?

Just a thought, but some have made fortunes when the economy or a market segment was down.  The best I have ever done in the stock market,  real estate or some other investments (sports cars, rare coins..etc.) were buying when those, and other "things", were down.  But, as has always been true, speculation should only  be done with "play" money...not the money for you and your  families living expenses and safety.  
Perhaps trite, but the old buy low, sell high is so much wiser than buying anything at it's market peak.....that is the time to sell. 

Do any of you feel that now is a good time to buy, or is that bottom yet to be reached?

I don’t think waiting is a bad idea. Audio gear is still selling like gangbusters. But...I think the economy is in for a world of pain and that many (alas) will be selling gear to make themselves solvent. I’m not advocating being a vulture, of course, so much as suggesting that if you’re in a position to be charitable to others, you could probably get the gear you’re interested in now for much less later, and then use the "extra" to help out a local food bank or charity of your choice.
in the long run we are all dead

enjoy, spend wisely, but delaying gratification so you can bargain hunt is foolish in opinion

unless you have figured out a way to take all the money with you when your time is up... if you have, dm me  :)
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Now is a particularly good time to be looking at Porsche 997.2 models. They are now at or very near full depreciation. Being a Porsche there are a lot that are practically new cars. Also being a Porsche they begin to appreciate after about 15 years. So you could buy one now for $40-60k, drive it 10k miles a year for a dozen years, sell it for more than you paid. Not counting dividends collected every time you drive it, park it, pull in for gas. 

Not the investment you were looking for I suspect. But if I say gold, silver, or mining shares nobody but nobody has even the slightest clue what I'm talking about. Porsche at least a few might recognize.
Assuming the time around the election has as much rioting and chaos (lawsuits, etc) as many expect, gotta think the market will drop. You’d have to be brave to buy into that "bottom" however since the market fate after that depends (IMHO) significantly on which candidate wins (at least in this election).
Is this question about audio equipment or in general?
MC...Looking for value appreciation from a Porsche 997.2 is very optimistic in my opinion... unless it’s a Metzger car with a manual gearbox In my opinion, you are definitely barking up the wrong tree. Way too many out there and they are no supported like their legacy cars ie: Ir cooled cars... like I said, just my opinion backed by 4 decades in the Porsche service business...
did i sign into rennlist by mistake?

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Wait the bottom will drop out soon jump on stuff then.
"Not counting dividends collected every time you drive it, park it, pull in for gas."

That may be true if you have a large number of Shell stocks. For everybody else, pulling in for gas means having money siphoned out, not in.

On an unrelated note, at what age does an average person stop being flexible enough to get comfortably crammed into a 911?

On an unrelated note, at what age does an average person stop being flexible enough to get comfortably crammed into a 911?

in a car with 997 gt2 carbon fiber buckets or 991 lwb’s - 65
in a car with regular sofa seats - 70+ would be my guess

Luckily, the cars (911s) seem to grow with each new generation. Maybe that is to accomodate longer-living generations of humans?

A number of members here claim to drive a 911 so I wondered how they bend to get in as they imply they are not teenagers anymore.
58 and just a few days short of 59 and I manage well in a variety of iron, some air cooled, some not. Drove the german taxi today. How did those Hunt brothers do with silver ?
when the backlog on new Vette drops to a month, we have hit bottom...
"Drove the german taxi today."

Mercedes E?
991 gen is actually easy to get in and out with sofa seats, car is not that low

a lotus or mclaren is much more challenging for in/egress
Of the sports cars I have owned, none were as hard to get into or out of as some of the race cars I have raced.  I remember picking up my nearly 70 Grandmother in a Lotus Turbo Esprit.  Grandma did have a difficult time getting in, but once in she very much enjoyed the ride.  I took her on one of my favorite roads with many wonderful curves....then Grandma and I had a good meal and the ride back.  From her conversation and smiles, I believe she enjoyed the ride more than the meal.