a good pre to end them all ? PL 3 or wyred stp se?

Frustration abounds when trying to test things out since everyone wont let it really happen other than the 30 day return at magnolia. So far my living room is still a mess without having a conclusive system ending. has anyone heard or can recommend me the best heard or tried system synergy setup nwith these items
PLuna 7 monoblocks , with sonus faber liuto floorstanders what pre will sound good with these ? shall i go with the PL 3 no remote what a drag, or the benchmark HDR with DAC or the wyred stp SE pre. Ihave been using the pre section of the PS audio GCPH but dont like the sound too much any advice will be great and how on earth can u actually try these items out its quite impposible.
Why don't you ask Kevin Deal since he imports and sells Prima Luna. He is also a retailer for Sonus Faber so that should help. You do run the risk of being cajoled into purchasing from him at retail but it semms you don't mind that.
I cannot really grasp what the final sound you want is. It would be helpful if you could describe it and also how much a remote means to you. Finally a tube preamp is very different from a Class D preamp despite Wyred reputation for doing an excellent job of De- Digitilizing the sonic and warm up the tone.
do what the rest of us do here on audiogon--buy one and try it out, and resell if you don't like it. Or find a good local dealer who will let you do in home demo. If you can't find the equipment you want at the dealer you'll have to roll the dice here.
FWIW, as I do not own PL7's. I have a PL3 and a PL5. The PL 5 without the PL3 in front of it is enimic. With it it has credible bass, if not amazing. You can read about this in the 6moons review. Other preamps used were ARC SP10, Magus A2, and EAR 834L. I also noted in a review in the big mags that they thought the PL3 was synergistic with the 7's although they seemed to fault the output impedence of the PL3. Seems counter intuitive to me but I didn't spend much time thinking about it.

Now to the extent that that situation exists with the 7's matched to another preamp, I don't know. But be cautious.