a good pre amp with remote usd6000 or less used

any good suggestion for a pre amp, SS or Tube..etc..does not matter , but with a remote control, I have 4 sets of AMP
Pass labs XA160, Krell 450MCX, Cello Performance II, Classic 30
ideally this Pre Amp will have XLR, as my active crossover are XLR only

mainly i listen to my B&W Matrix 800
Mark Levinson 326S. Absolutely fantastic.
Audio Research REF 3 $5,500. or so used.
So the Mark Levinson SS, the ARC as a tube choice, so far.
i heard the Ref3 , but never for the 326s
and some suggested me Nagra PLL
i shall take a chance to hear the 326s...thx
hey..the 326s seem to be around 7000, wondering how;s that compared to the No. 32?
how's about the pass X0.2? i have seem some only at 3500.. Vs the 326 Vs the REf 3?
I've been struggling with the same question for years! I go from SS to tube,balanced to single ended,digital display(convenient user interface)to simple controls(no display).I've used a BAT 50 SE,Consonance Cyber 50 and Cyber 222,Sonic Frontiers Pre 1 SE,Conrad Johnson Premier 17&18 LS, and Muse Model 3 to name a few.

At this time I seem to have settled on the Bel Canto Pre 2 and a Rogue 99 Magnum.They have different strengths,and I go back and forth between the two.The Bel Canto is very quiet,provides balanced ins and outs,and has the best user interface I have encountered.It is very musical and stays "out of the way." The Rogue is marvelously dynamic(perhaps even powerful).

Good luck in your quest.
I'm looking too. I have a Pass X350.5 and no preamp. I'm twirling around the Pass XP-20, Bent Audio Tap X possibly for a passive, or even the new Modwright LS100.

I had a Cary SLP-05 but sold it. Thought I could live without it. A foolish mistake I think.
Ayre should be on your list
Check into the Herron VTSP 3a. There is a good thread with plenty of info on this site. Just do a search, it should come right up. I chose this one over the Audio Research REF 5.
Save yourself some time and look at Coda or Innersound and save aboat load of money.
Bel Canto Pre 2/ Herron VTSP 3a/Audio Research REF 5. /Cary SLP-05

really. a lot of suggestion..
I would add the Pass labs XP-20 to your list, as well as the 2 chassis Modwright 36.5 The Ref5 is going to set you back at least 8K used, but you can get a Ref3 for less than 6K.
my friend on vacation for 2 weeks..he pass me his Mark Levinson for 2 weeks.., 8k...is a lot of $ for a preamp

ref3 seem hold his value good, seem no harm to try

6000 may be able to get a x-20 , i never really heard any modwright..wondering how;s it sounded?
"8k...is a lot of $ for a preamp"
Yes it is!!! But,in life,you usually get what you pay for.It may well be worth it.
On the other hand,the Bel canto Pre 2 was a $3500 over-achiever from 2004 until recently retired.I purchased a mint unit here on A-Gon with box,manual and two remotes for less than $1000.I can't say that I have owned a finer preamp(I have owned Krell,BAT,AR,Sonic Frontiers,Cary,Muse,Plinius...)
8 K for Gods sake come back to earth, try a Coda,, Innersound, these guys just dont make bad stuff and its priced fair
The Pass Labs X-02 is nowhere in the class of the Audio Research Ref3. Go with the Ref3, it is a stellar performer.
mitch4t...tell me more.for what area ref 3 outclass the x0.2

Bel canto pre 2..i take a look now, seem no harm to have one more if it is less than $1000
Can anyone comment about the TRL Dude?
This question has been answered probably around 50 times. A casual search will yield a lot of results.
I was asking in the context of this thread, the fore mentioned pre's and the folks commenting here. It seemed relevant to me anyway and may be of interest to the gentleman who started this post.
I agree with those who suggested the Pass Labs XP-20. I have one and love it. As you own the XA160 already, it would be an excellent match. It has XLR inputs and output and there are two for sale now for around $6,000. It is a very good preamp. Neutral, detailed, very quiet and transparent with a good selection of features.
03-29-11: Desalvo55
Can anyone comment about the TRL Dude?
Desalvo55 (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

03-29-11: Desalvo55
I was asking in the context of this thread, the fore mentioned pre's and the folks commenting here. It seemed relevant to me anyway and may be of interest to the gentleman who started this post.
Desalvo55 (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

Dude does NOT offer a remote option so it is NOT relevant to the gentleman who started this post.
VAC Ren or VAC Sig series. Outstanding SQ, great remote, XLR or RCA in and out. Dead quiet. Atma MP-1 can be fitted w a remote, I think.
yes yes i want a remote and then..use a linn DS.., lazy bug
more than one person suggest VAC to me and some XP-20, however why..not much person suggest me a krell ? why not a krell ..since ovr my budget..or indeed aveage ?
i use my matisse reference tube pre amp for so many yr, and sold all my cello suite.. and got a Linn CD12 24bits (not too bad in the area of resolution even compared with some players today, and indeed musical)

cello is excellent, not exactly quiet for today standard, strength : the layering of sound stage...really quite amazing
any comment of Hovland HP200P , it look so lovely..
i am using the XP20 now...quite happy, simple to use.
BAT VK32 $6500 w/ remote
wondering...does the VK52 wroth the extra .as i can afford upto a used unit of VK52SE
Do BAT pre-amps get really hot?
I've heard some nice systems at the NY shows over the years using BAT preamps (not a controlled experiment of course) but they sure weren't doing anything wrong.
I just don't want something as hot as a power amp.
Normal preamp heat is fine (like 12ax7/6ns7 heat, which I am used to).
After much thought I've narrowed it down to 129,038. I'll get back to you.
Do you want to change your system tonality? Want more or less of any system attributes?

A Purity Audio Basis preamp should be near neutral with low noise and nice dynamics.

I have their Silver Reference preamp and am wowed by the preamp's low noise due to the great power supply. Low noise design allows gains in many attributes and supports the characteristics of any tubes in the circuit. Certainly not sterile.
I purchased a Allnic L3000 about a month ago and couldn't be happier. Coupled with my lowly Oppo BDP83SE driven through the Pass X350.5 I'm hearing the most musical presentation I've ever heard. Even a concert volumes and above, it no longer hurts but destroys just the same :)

and, I don't even think about tube rolling...

Less than 5K used, but I think I scored a great deal.
Oh and a nice remote too.