A good fit for my PrimaLuna Prologue Two?

Any advise what pair of full range speakers would be a good fit with this amp? The amp is 40 watts x2 and the room is 13x13', mostly open on either end into equally large rooms (I'd like to hear the music in all 3 rooms). Vocals and jazz are my interest. I will be playing off my PC.
Thinking about the Anthony Gallo Reference 3.1, Aperion Intimus 6T, Von Schweikert Lsa-2... open to other ideas!
I like Reference 3a's on my PL2 .

Good luck .
I have Triangle Comete es with my PL2 (El34's) and love the sound. Great with vocals and jazz though i listen mostly to blues. My room is 13 x20 with the speakers at the short end. For me the issue was price. I got these off of Audiogon new for under $500. If i had the money i would look at Reference 3a De Capo's. Seems lots of people here like them with the PL2. I would also try Cain and Cain Supper Abby's and other single driver speakers.
There are, or were, some VR 4 iii HSEs for sale in the classifieds a few days ago. I share your taste in music, and have a similar room set up, and the VRs are just superb.
Try the Vandersteen 1C's or 2Ce Sig/II's.
My Vandy 1C's sound absolutely wonderful with my Rogue Audio Cronus, which is probably pretty similar to your PrimaLuna. Vandersteens have a well deserved reputation for matching quite well with medium powered high-quality tube amplification. Check out the rest of my system. The music sounds amazing !! Good Luck and Happy Listening !!
I would disagree some with the previous post - I think the Rogue's are much brighter sounding amps than the PrimaLuna's, and I definitely prefer the latter. I would say, if you are looking for dynamic speakers, that the ProAc Studio 140's are a good match. I am a horn guy myself, though, so I would recommend anything in the Klipsch Heritage series.
Spendor S5e -- very musical, not hard to drive, vocals with palpable presence.
Hi Learsfool.....You may be correct about the relative brightness of PrimaLuna versus Rogue Audio, but I don't know, since I've never heard the PrimaLuna gear. I'm simply suggesting that Gbell2425 consider the Vandersteens, since they are known to sound pretty fabulous with good tube gear. And, as I've said, they're a wonderful match to Rogue Audio.
Happy Listening, and enjoy your horns !!
I use Vienna Accoustic Baby Beethovens with my Primaluna Dialogue Two and am very pleased. Kevin Deal uses these in his main listening room; great match.