A good CD transport to use seperately from DVD

Looking for a good CD transport for 2 channel use. Have seperate DVD player for HT. My system consists(will consist) of Anthem AVM-20 or Krell Showcase preamp/processor, Berning ZH-270 OTL amp, Merlin VSM Millenium speakers and Cardas Golden Reference IC's and speaker cables. Would like a good transport without necessarily taking out a 2nd mortgage. Thanks for any opinions
Pioneer Elite 47a Plays all formats of disc, is a very nice cd transport, and a DVD player to boot. All in one box, and can be had for less than $1000
Consider the Denon DVD 5000. It retailed for $2500 but was discontinued about a year ago. You should be able to find one on ebay for under 500. Shockingly great price for a DVD or CD player of this quality. It is very heavy, and well build. On the CD side it has HDCD, and 24/96 dac. Downside for some: it won't play CD-R or CD-RW.