A good Budget CDp

Thanks to all of you A-gon members I have built myself a great system of the money. I really needed the help due to my location. I don’t have a change to audition ANY of this gear so the suggestions were very helpful. My system right now is this.

• Blue Circle CS integrated
• Analysis Plus Oval 9 Speaker cable
• Green Mountain Audio Europa Speakers
• Analysis Plus Oval 1 Interconnects

I now need to figure out a source. I am either going to get the Phillips 963sa DVD player to use as a DVD and CD player, or I will get a Liteon 2001 DVD player and spend $300 on a redbook CDp. Does anyone have any ideas for me on which way to go and if I go the separate CDp route, which one for about $300 should I get? Thanks a lot

Eric Baer
For $300 you might want to check the AudiogoN listings for a Rotel in good condition. There are usually a few in that price range.
A used Music Hall CD-25 can be had for between $300 and $400. I'm very impressed with the sound.
There is an Arcam Alpha 8se listed today for $375.
would suggest auditoning the all in one marantz 6400.

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I just grabbed up a used Music Hall CD-25 for $325 and had a LClock XO 3 upgrade done to it by ASi. This CDP is an excellent player to be upgraded with if so desired down the road. Regards, Robin
Music Hall CD-25 or a NAD C541i
Used, either one will be a little over your budget.