A good amp to drive my B&W Matrix 800's

I want to get a new amp for matrix 800's, I am using a Krell KAV 300i, I like class A but I am open minded. I have a Conrad Johnson Premier Ten preamp.
You can check out my system here>> http://home.wideopenwest.com/~mvallely0812/

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PS: I want to spend around $3,500 to $4,000.
You cannot go wrong with a new BEL 1001 Mk V for that money. It's the best I've ever heard and will blow away most other amps at any price. If you're interested let me know where you live and I'll see if there's a local dealer for you.
Good luck!
the bel is great, but unless you just want a change for change sake, spend the moolah on a better turntable. the linn is cool, but a newer oracle delphi, or vpi hw mklV, or well tempered classic and you are home free. in any case nice system!!!!
Sunfire 600 fits bellow your budget and will just rock'em as nothing else.
I am a B&W dealer and you have to be carefull as the tweeter can bite with the wrong amp. I don't think the Krell is a good match. The bel is good, but if you can find one, the best amp I have ever heard on B&W's is the Essence Saphire or Essence Emerald. (Very hard to find because no one sells them unless the owner dies or goes through a divorce.)another great amp would be the Gryphon or a Pilinius. (Even their small one is good.) Don't use a tube amp as the 800's need a lot of control in the bass. I'm sorry but the Sunfire 600 is not that good. Anything Bob Carver touches except for tuners becomes the Covair of audio.

I know someone who has owned and experienced Rotel, Krell, Crown and many many more thanks to his occupation.., he modifies audio equipment and is very satisfied with his Bryston SST 7 monoblocks.

Good luck
Is talking about Bas at Sound Evolution. I own myzelf also a pair of Matrix 800, together with the KBX Krell, the Crown K2 and the modified Aragon Palladium's mono's is really the bom for the money. The best tight bass ever and active is the way to go. So if you are looking for a great deal. Crown K2 on the low and Aragon on the High section
together youre are paying a new price of 4300 US