A good 50-70 watts tube amplifier for $ 2000?

I want to build a second system around a good 50-70 watts tube amplifier. My budget for the amp is around $ 2000 and I prefer to buy an amp that is a current model, in order to avoid service problems in the near future. Any help will be appreciated. Pablo.
(http://www.upscaleaudio.com/view_category.asp?cat=36) Check out the PrimaLuna Monoblocs(and their reviews) on this site. Kevin is a super guy to deal with too.
Not to be rude your quest is sort of ass backwards. If you select an amp before you select your speakers you will be limited in your choice of speakers which will correctly interface with your amp tonally and electrically. Pick your speakers first and you'll be far less limited. IMHO.
You are absolutely right. My fault. I already have the speakers for that second system: Coincident Total Victory. Pablo.
Newbee, if you think about it, picking the amp first is no more "ass backwards" than picking the speakers first and then limiting yourself to what amps will work with your speaker choice... You have to start with something, so unless you have one choice already made, then it probably doesn't matter which way you approach it.

Just to throw out a few ideas, I'd look at amps from Music Reference (RM-9 or RM-200 used), Tube Audio Design, and Manley. Perhaps other posters will offer other ideas.

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Plato, LOL - your post must have crossed with Pablovila's - so far its 2 to 1. But, in the search of peace, I will agree with you that the Musical Reference RM 9 is a good choice except that is not a 'current model' as he requested.

Pablovia, I'm not sure what your sonic (tonally speaking) priorities are, but assuming they are neutral, I'd look at the Rogues as a good value and possibly the Primaluna 6's based on EL34's or 7's which are based on KT88's. Both a bit over $2000 but based on my experience with PL stuff so far they could be a real value in the 70wt to 80wt area. I really like thier little PL3 pre-amp for the money. $2000 is sort of the low end of the price range for really good quality amps. One no longer in production but made by a company that will be around if you need them and also has great resale is Conrad Johnson. I'm thinking about the Pemier 11 model. Sells for 1500 to 1750, is easy to maintain and not hard on tubes. Maybe a tad loose/warm in the lower end but a beautiful mid and upper range. Speaks in one voice however. Nothing sticks out as being out of balance.
Pablo, Conrad Johnson MV60SE($1500 used)matches very well with my Coincident Partial Eclipse. I think it also matches very well with Cary and Manley amps. Do a search for Coincident in this forum.
First, you won't need 70WPC for those speakers. Second, rather than a "current" model why not look for an older model amp from VAC, Quicksilver, Manley, Atma-Sphere, BAT, etc. You'll get very high quality and these companies provide excellent service and parts if required. IMO of course.
I would second the suggestion of the c-j MV-60 but not the SE version. Retube it with Mullard EL-34 re-issues, some NOS 6SN7s and get Sovtek 12AX7LPS.

Good Luck!*>)
In addition to what has already been discussed, take a look at the pair of AES (Cary) Sixpac mono amps listed here. Sweet EL34 tubes that have served me well for several years now. Point to point wiring with zero feedback and 50 watts of triode power. Looks like a very fair price with extra tubes as well. No affiliation.
Second the AES Six Pacs (or one of the versions of the Cary V12), as well as the Music Reference RM-9. The RM-200 may be a little over your budget, even used.
If you can find one, a Music Reference RM9 is extremely hard to beat under 5K. Yes, it's that good. Only problem is, they don't come around every day, but be patient. As far as service, I have owned two and they were very reliable. Roger Modjeski will still work on them if need be.

I would also suggest a conrad johnson MV-60 or premier 11a. The 11a is not a current product but cj services their products well into the future so this would not be an issue.

Thank you very much for all the answers! I have a variety of amps to choose from. I am more familiar with the Conrad Johnson line, because I used to have, and enjoyed very much, a Conrad Johnson Premier 11A. But I will take a look at Music Reference, Cary, Prima Luna, VAC and BAT as well. One more time, thanks. Pablo.
Check out the Tube Audio Design 60 from bizzy bee. plenty of reviews here...
I forgot to mention Cary(I'm using modded SLM-100s, and VERY pleased). Kevin Deal also handles Cary and AES at Upscale Audio, BTW.
Ozzy62: Have you compared the RM9 against other tube amps? Just curious.

I recently bought a Cary six pacs and it's the best tube amp I had so far.
I have had the Cary V12i and Music Reference RM-9 in my system, and the RM-9 won based on low end accuracy and extension.
Here's another nod for the TAD-60. It is a great amp.