A good 5 channel Amp? Help

I'm upgrading finally to separates. Currently have A B&K AVR 307 with Quad 22L2 speakers. This Receiver is rated at 150W x7 and I have enjoyed the wide sound stage and imaging for years.

I'm looking at the new Integra pre-amp processor DHC-80.1 due out next month. I was thinking about connecting the Parasound amp 5125 which is rated at 125W x5.
I listen to music 75% with movies second.

Is this a good match? Is there a better amp in this same price range 2K ? Do I need more power? Room is medium size.I like the more neutral sound where the sound is not so forward.

Quad 99CDP
B&K AVR 307
Monitor Audio rears and center
Kimber 8TC cable
If you could spend about $2,500, I would recommend you look into a used
Theta Dreadnaught 200W x 5. It is one of the most musical amp at this price
range. It also looks great and very reliable. I have one in service for over 10
years and I still love it everyday. It is my summer amp.
i am also a fan of the theta amp. i have also owned and enjoyed the krell kav3250 and nuforce mch 3se c7. the nuforce is an outstanding amplifier and performs better than most i have heard for movies too. those are both a little over your budget but sometimes come up close on the used market.
Bryston? preowned cost?
Since you have been happy with the B&K receiver, why not a B&K amp? I have a 200w B&K Ref. 4430 3 channel powering my left,center, and right speakers. Great build quality, cool running, and very musical(IMO). Lot's of bang for the buck, new or used.
Look at these:



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Audio Refinement Multi 5. You can probably get one for around $1000 or less used. Lots of great detailand neutral just like you are looking for. It is almost tube sounding but yet a solid state amp. Great bang for the buck! I got this when I switched to seperates also. I matched it with the Audio Refinement Pre-2DSP. I still have both. Great for concert dvd's.
If music is your main concern, going from B&K to Integra/parasound confuses me? They aren't bad units but they also aren't B&K.
Personally, I really like Anthem and Sunfire. For a little more warmth, you can pick up a mac. Don't worry about getting a 6 or 7 channel amp if you find one you like in that range. I'm using 5 channels with a Mac 7106 with the center 2 channels bridged.