a good $1500 home theater speaker/integrated 2ch.

I would like to put together a nice two channel for the family play room with reasonably good imaging and base.
Something that feels a little special when you turn it on.
I am open to two channel receivers but would prefer an integrated.
For speakers maybe a used system with powered subwoofer.
Thank you all in advance for you thoughts.
I'm happy with my Rotel RSX 1056 home theater 7.1 channel receiver. Looks good, adequate power, versatile. Conversely, a two channel integrated at this price point would offer better everything. Recently I was using my 2 channel integrated amp for all duties and did not really miss the "surround" effects all that much. If you need the digital inputs then choice is clear, otherwise two channel quality important...some other suggestions will follow?, Let us know how it works out, Mike.
If it were me, for $1500 total used, I would get Monitor Audio RS6 (I just got some, simply awesome) and a YBA Initial integrated. This is assuming your room is around 200 sqft or so.

I would take a look at the Outlaw reciever, that way you have a tuner, plus you can add an IPOD and it has bass management for smaller speakers with a subwoofer as for speakers I guess size and taste would be up to you.
Pick up a used Audio Refinement(YBA's budget line) integrated and you'd have ~1K for speakers.
For versitle 2-channel HT for the playroom I would suggest:

Aperion Audio 533PT's - powered towers w/ integrated 8" sub in each, so no need for an extra 'box' in the space.

Pair with a 2-channel unit from H/K, Rotel or Outlaw and you will be in good shape!
I've heard good things about the integrated amps and cd players in cambridge's azur line. they have a reputation for packing in very high audio quality for the price. they don't seam as popular here as in england, maybe just less dealers here? dunno, but several friends in london swear by them for basic but good sounding 2 channel systems. whichever way you go DON'T SCRIMP ON THE CABLES!