A general mix/match SS/Tube question.

In general, does anyone do much mixing and matching of SS and tube components when considering a combination of separate preamp and phonostage combinations? For instance, I have a SS amp. I'd prefer to add a tube preamp (for about $600-800 used). Is there anything inherently wrong with then having a SS phono stage (for about 500-600; a total of about $1400-1500 used)?

I've auditioned a Blue Circle tubed pre (which I liked when I listened to it with an amp identical to mine). I am intrigued with the Lehmann Black Cube and the Monolithic SS phono stages. I was unable to audition these in the same configuration because the place in which I auditioned didn't "DO" analog. Any problems combining such components? Any experiences here? I would imagine that purists on either side will shudder, but I ain't that pure anymore! :-) HA! (Oh, BTW, Basis 1400 TT/350 arm/Dynavector cartridge)
No problem that I can see...it just depends on the sound that you prefer. The phono stage will still be playing through the tubes in the Blue Circle, so you'll still get some of that tube sound. I've never heard the Monolithic, but the Black Cube is nice.
OK, so now I was given a deal too good to pass up on the Lehmann Black Cube from a friend. So, as it stands the system is:
McCormack DNA-225 amp
Lehmann Black Cube
Basis 1400 TT/RB300 arm/Dynavector dv-20x-h cartridge
PSB Stratus Gold i speakers

Best choices for a tubed preamp for about $800-100 used?

Prefer a remote, but not essential. I listen mostly to rock and Jazz. All input appreciated. I know I will wind up mixing and matching more as time goes by and budget allows. I am just looking for the best match with these components to get up and running now. And, yes, I know interconnects and wires are another issue! :-)
Try an AI Mod3 with 6H23EB tubes or Tungsram.
You could buy the above AI as mentioned, but they also have excellent phono stages...that means you wouldn't need the Black Cube if you bought one with a phono stage (though you have to choose MM or MC...they don't offer both).

I'd also highly recommend the Counterpoint SA-3000 and SA-5000 if you find one in good condition (though the 5000 is probably out of your price range). No remote, but they sound great and they have very good MM/MC phone stages built in. There is also an SA-2000 that is the same as the 3000, without the phono stage. They're all tube hyrbids. The 2000 uses two tubes, the 3000 uses four (two for the phono stage), and the 5000 uses eight (it also has a tube power supply).
At one point I had a Klyne series 7 phono stage (ss) driving a AR Ref 2 preamp (tube) which drove AR Ref 300 mkII amps (tube) which mated very well. Ultimately I preferred the Klyne 7 series linestage (ss) over the AR. This combination, ss pre with tube amps is contrary to what many prefer (tube pre and ss amps),but it was a perfect match to my ear. I think it all comes down to what mates well, whether ss or tubes up/downstream.