A gallo reference sub amp or second subwoofer?

Hey guys, I have a set of gallo ref 3.5 that I have had for about 4-5 months. I love em and combined with my revel b120 sub they go plenty deep. However I have a chance to buy a nib gallo ref sub amp for less than 600.00. Initially I was going to buy a second revel sub for stereo, but the gallo is about the same cost. I currently have an audible illusions modulus pre and emotiva xpa2 amp. Everything sounds fine, but they can always be better. My future includes an emotive sira line stage and either rogue m150s or 180s, possibly a rogue Zeus. I therefore may not always have 300w of ss to manage the bottom octaves. With that in mind which route would everyone recommend?
Is that the Gallo Reference 3 amp? If so, I would definitely go with that option, giving you integrated stereo bass down to 22 Hz.
I agree with the Gallo Sub Amp recommendation. Unless you have a preamp and power amp combo that can replicate the goodies found in the Gallo Sub Amp.

I am currently driving the 2nd voice coil of my Gallo Ref. 3.1s using an Emotiva UMC-1 preamp and a Sherbourn power amp with 325 watts/ch. This setup works very well, the UMC-1 gives me an 11 band equalizer for the sub channel as well as variable crossover freq. and selectable slope (12 or 24 db/octave).

In your case, the Gallo Sub Amp would be the way to go since your preamp does not provide such amenities. And you will most definitely enjoy the sound, the Sub Amp makes these truly full-range speakers...


Oh just get some new interconnects,,,who needs more bass????? how about a pair of speaker cables…….NO MORE BASS
Thank you everyone. I will order the gallo ref sub amp tomorrow. I will post my findings later after I have spent some time running the second voice coil...
I finally pulled the trigger and did indeed order the reference sub amp. I have been listening for two days and wow what a difference. Everything the speakers did well before is even better now. The imaging is slightly better. The soundstage has gotten much deeper. And lastly, there is more sense of space between instruments. It's amazing what these little speakers do. Thanks to all for the recommendations. I am very happy with the results.
Brad, thanks for taking the extra time and bandwidth to share your results. Glad it worked out so well. ..and just in time for the Holidays!