A future city dweller's dilemma...

Hey all:

Just wanted to ask all the experts here your opinion on things. Currently I live in the suburbs where space and such is never an issue. But in the (very) near future I will (hopefully) be living in a condo in the *big city.* Which means, certain sacrifices have to be made... (IE: my Magnepan 1.6QRs).

So the question is this... What tablet speakers should I pick up for about the $1000 mark (used price.) The current equipment that I have (that I hopefully plan on taking with me) are the following:

Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1
XBox 360 (not really relevant, but wanted to throw that in)


Krell KAV-300r (Integrated Amp)
Cary Sixpac Monoblocks and
Dynaco PAS-3 Preamp

I currently have a pair of MMGs also (as a back up, bought it all for a good deal, but I loaned them to my uncle) Which I could always sell off or try using those instead.

For the most part I'm a jazz/vocals/instrumentals listening kind of guy for my CD collection.

I was originally look at any of the B&W tablettes but I don't think any of them are in my price range. Then I looked into ProAc's also which looks like that might do the trick. Can anyone recommend any others that I should look into?

Thanks all for your help in advance!

The way to go: ProAc 1SC used on good stands. Hold on to every thing until you get into your new 'quarters'. Mostly likely you will need a sub, but I would wait until you move and then see what the room does.
Before you buy a condo, check it for sound leaks, especially into adjacent units and either be willing to do what's necessary to stop these leaks (so you can enjoy your music the way you like to hear it) or else be willing to make the compromises necessary to keep the neighbors happy. This is one of the rude awakening that condo owning audiophiles often encounter.
Joseph Audio RM7 sig on good stands. Rare on used listings, but an excellent speaker.
Keep the Maggies... At least until you have moved and tried to use them there.
Maggi fans do not take to other speakers easily!! And if I had to do what you are doing (but I have always lived in an apartment) I would try to fit the Maggies into my new place.
I did, 4 feet out into the room and all....
(I used to have some Magnepan IIb's)
Or Omega Super Hemp, Super 3. I, like you have had that problem with my 2nd system. I bought AAD 2001 monitors and love it. However it might be very difficulte to find these in your price range......maybe if you sold Maggies ? Sometimes they show up on AgoN for sale for around $1500 but not very often. If you like Jazz, blues and like to listen to live performance they are very , very good with bass that goes down to 30Hz and very fast, open , lots of air , transparent and huge presentation/soundstage. AADs also look good and are buid like a rock at 20kilos each. At 86db they are not that difficulte of a load to most amps out there.

The advice to keep everything and try Maggies is right on and that is what you should do first , along with the choice of your new place as someone suggested it already. Take some wife friendly acoustic treatments into your concideration as well, since those help a lot in fine tuning the sound and help with problematic Freqs.
My not so expert opinion is that your better off waiting untill you know exactly what room you'll be using.
Keep the maggies if at all possible.

USe the smaller mmgs if necessary and add a good subwoofer but only if you think it is needed.

You might pick up a pair of Dynaudio monitors second hand for a bit more. I was able to live with these nicely as a replacement for older Maggies I owned and parted with for similar reasons.

A pair of Ohm micro walshes go for about $1000 and are also a reasonable replacement for Maggies in a smaller room.
Going from a free standing house to a multi unit housing unit will create major problems in 'listening' conditions, mostly negative. Work to correct those problems before spending any funds on new equipment.
Maggies are one of the best low volume speakers in my opinion.

Match them up with a high current amp with damping factor of 50 or more into 8 ohm and they should really sing at typical condo listening levels.

Also, check out the discussion with Atmasphere on the "mo better bass" thread which describes a less common in practice yet intriguing scenario for how to coax more bass out of a system in lieu of a sub.
VMPS monitor. I think www.affordableaudio.org has a review in this month issue
Floor plan can be much more meaningful than square footage. Do the best you can in that regard and you may find that your current system can adapt. If not, then modify it as needed.
You are getting the cart before the horse with this post.

All we ever hear on this site is the importance of the room. Now you can start from scratch in selecting the most important component and go equipment shopping for speakers later if your Maggies can't adapt.
Hey everyone:

Thanks for all your responses! Let's see if i can respond to all of them:

Tiger: Not too familiar with the ProAc 1SC But I have heard the Tablette 2000(?) I think? As well as the Signature 3s. Pretty fantastic tablettes IMHO. How do those compare to the 1SC.?

Elizabeth: I absolutely plan on keeping the Maggies and defintitely trying out the spage first and see how it sounds.. Just threw this post up there as a "Worst Case Scenario" situation as to what I should look into just in case it doesn't work out. P.S. Are you really a female on the Audiogon boards??? WOW! So weirdly enough, do you need a HAF (Husband Appreciation Factor) when you get things for the house? That's pretty awesome!

Cleaneduphippy: Thanks for the tip! What are sound leaks? haha... But the whole building is new construction so hopefully it should be okay. Lots of concrete poured into the building. But I don't at all expect to playing it at volumes I normally play it at home now. Thanks again!

Jlamb: Joseph Audio? Never heard of them.. How do you compare it to ProAcs or B&Ws? But I'll definitely look into it though!

Mrjstark: Thanks for your help. Gonna look into those components. And opinions of your own on them?

Unsound: Thanks! I pretty much know which room I'll be using and where this set up will be. Not too many options with a condo. LOL.

Mapman: I agree. Its really nice that even at low volumes, the magnepans dont really lose the speed or clarity, even at low levels.

Tweak1: Thanks! will take a look at it! Have you auditioned them before?

Macrojack: Thanks for the input.. I'm still learning on how to set up a room. This is my first real system for anything and it's been such a learning experience. So hopefully I'll get it right here before I move into the condo.
Keep the Maggies.