A fun idea for Audiogon

Hello Everybody,
Wouldn't it be fun to have some polls or some sort of statistics section on Audiogon? Voters would have to login to vote or post statistics on themselves, music preferences or equipment polls. Every week there could be a new poll or questionnaire to setup and results could be posted in nice easy to read formats. If you think this would be fun or have any ideas on polls or questionnaires that could be used please post. All the best, Eric.
Good idea. Not only would it be fun to compare notes with other members and see where we fit into the grander scheme of things as both individuals and a group, A-gon can sell the non-specific results to interested parties that do market research. The profits from such an endeaver might make it worth the time for them to do the necessary work to make it happen : ) Sean
I agree, great idea. Stereophile does this on their website, but I think the questions would be a little different here. I also think it would be very good for the users to suggest the questions, and then as you say have one per week. The results could be viewed, questions sorted and searched on. I completely agree with your suggestion.
I vote against it.
I like the idea.