A friend wants to buy this amp Onkyo PA-MC5501

A friend wants to buy this new amp Onkyo PA-MC5501 9channel.
I recommended McIntosh MC-206 6 Channel Amplifier. I just think for the same price the Mac is a better buy even though it is used. Mac is rated 9/10.($2,650.00)and price is negotiable on the Mac.

He wants to biamp multiple speakers .
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The Mac will be that softer "mac" sound (which I love in my 6 channel mac). The Mac is extremely well built and will take a beating. Furthermore, the Mac will gladly handle lower impedences than Onkyo's are known for. Many Onkyo's don't handle lower than 6 ohms with a full load of speakers. Last choice for the Mac is you can bridge most Macs for a ton of power.
Finally, the Onkyo will be work sooo much less in 6 months. The Mac can be sold for little or no loss any time.