A friend told me JBL DD67000 is actually very bad speaker, is it true?

According to him, those Tidal, Kharma, YG, Magico, Vivid G1, Grande Focal and German Physik are truely good speakers, JBL ain't no good...and his reasons: JBL is boxy, horny coloration as hell, zero imaging.

is this true?

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He is telling you that because he reads the audio rags and wants to sound smart.  JBL is an old, mainstay name and can't possibly make a speaker that would compete against the current darlings in the audiophile world.

While attending AXPONA this past April, I am ashamed to admit that I walked into the JBL suite with these same preconceived notions about JBL. I walked out over an hour later smiling because I just heard the best speakers at the show - the Everest DD67000's.  The presence they projected made music simply sound real.  And with all types of music too.  I did not hear this truth and presence in sound with the above darlings that were also at the show. 

I now know what's possible with high end audio speakers and they were JBL's.  Bravo Harman International! 
Depends on the JBL! :)

I'm no fan of their current powered mini-monitors at all, but I haven't heard the high efficiency or high output types in a long time.  Worth checking out.

Also, a lot of boutique speakers get extra "imaging" but putting a dip in the response at 2.4 kHz or thereabouts. It's a trade off of timbral neutrality for it. 

For price though, I'd probably forego the consumer horns and see how much the pro studio monitors were running instead such as the M2.
No.  It is not true.
not true
Tidal, Kharma, YG, Magico, Vivid G1, Grande Focal and German Physik
speakers are all mediocre IMO.
So is JBL.
JBL’s newest designs are the best value in audio right now, nothing comes even close.
Your friend highlights the gulf between differing persons' preferences in this hobby. It should be pretty obvious that as there are many different tastes in music, so also there are many different tastes in music reproduction for the home. There are sizable variances in how transducers produce sound, and the discerning audiophile will recognize that. To simply condemn certain types of speakers as no good is grossly ignorant ( I suspect your friend is actually stating his preferences strongly). You will want to find your optimum sound and then naturally will feel these genre of speakers are superior. But, be prepared as many will sense just the opposite. You will find that things such as imaging, tonality, coloration degree from cabinet contribution, etc. will become very important to you as well if you delve into the hobby deeper. 

I tend to enjoy speakers with less perceived cabinet contribution, and spend quite a bit of time with panel speakers for that reason. However, I can appreciate why many adore speakers with cabinet contribution. It's a classic case of YMMV. 
What Douglas said, + 1.
coli, as you can glean from other posts of mine on this forum I am and always have been a big fan of JBL. Terrific sounding speakers in general and of course some models better than others. That said, I wouldn’t go as far as to say "their newest designs are the best value in audio right now, nothing comes even close" Consider a pair of GoldenEar Triton 1. In my view the T1s are a far better value. JBL cannot compete at a $5K price point. Higher end JBLs are phenomenal, but you pay for it dearly with big $$$$. (hence the reason "best value" can be scrutinized) 
If you can afford to purchase  the 67000 then you can afford to go demo them at some point.  If you are spending that kind of cash, then you certainly should audition and see what you like.

I have the S3900's and they image like crazy, but what I really like is that instruments, particularly guitars, drums and vocals sound real.  I also prefer rock music and the JBL's do it justice.  Dynamic without being bright and just a bit midrange forward.

I can also appreciate a great panel speaker.  I've demoed upper end Martin Logan's multiple times and for acoustic music, vocals, piano they are fantastic and if I could own a second system I certainly would consider them.

But besides listening if you want to be scientific I suppose I would ask if someone doesn't think Harman International doesn't have the resources to test their speakers beyond that of most other companies?  I love little companies also (like Salk who makes a great speaker).  But to think the big boys don't have more testing resources is naive. 

Ultimately. Go listen and see what you think,
Actually, the big JBL is a wonderful speaker.....VPI uses it for the definitive test for their highest end turntables.
The JBL DD67000 are a great speaker for listen to Chinese Drums etc.The latest JBL are using cutting edge technology and great for those who like there Bass.....
I have the same experience as paranee. JBL (I believe it was DD67000) was the best sounding speaker at the show, unexpectedly. Now I’m curious about their less expensive or older models, and wondering if they are still as good as the DD67000.
The Everest is excellent. It really is intended for either solid state amplifiers or tube amps employing lots of loop negative feedback. 
Hey I read it in hifi magazines too and even heard Junky But Loud, but when I hooked up 4312 to 10w tube amp, I realized that they ROCK, sing and dance --  in other words "full service".
Why would you listen to anyone.....these pages are for reference and community spirit.  When it comes time to spend money you should verify your own purchase. 
Atmasphiere.....negative feedback is bad in amps...something you don't want.