A fond farewell to The Allman Brothers Band

Well, this is it folks..... Tonight's concert at the beautiful Beacon Theater in New York City is the last performance by one of the best American rock bands to ever take the stage. Forty five years after we first heard the beautiful guitars of Duane Allman and Dickey Betts, the rhythmic bass of Berry Oakley, the percussive interplay of Butch Trucks and Jai Johanny Johanson (Jaimoe), and the incredible soulful voice and organ wizardry of Gregg Allman, the band is finally and officially calling it quits. Bravo boys .... it's been an absolutely fabulous ride !

I first saw the Allman Brothers Band in 1971 at the old Philadelphia Spectrum, where they were the opening act for Johnny Winter. I was a tenth grader, and was immediately hypnotized by Duane and Dickey trading licks on "Whipping Post" and "Statesboro Blues," Gregg singing the blues on "Done Somebody Wrong" and "Stormy Monday," Berry pounding the bass line on "Revival," and Butch and Jai Johnny drumming up a storm on "Elizabeth Reed."

I have since seen them about a million times, through many line-ups. Always, always, always ..... a great show by incredible musicians. Thanks to Chuck, Lamar, Warren, Derek, Marc, Oteil, and many others for taking the stage after the passing of Duane and Berry, and the exit of Dickey. You guys have always shown the utmost talent and togetherness, and it's been a tremendous pleasure enjoying the music with you all these years. Happily, via the internet and a wealth of wonderful records and CD's, the legacy of the band will continue. The music goes on forever, even as the road comes to an end. Thank you boys, from the bottom of my heart, for forty five years of happiness.
The Allman Brothers Band ..... one of the best bands ever !
Amen. First came to know them at college in 1973, through theit Fillmore album. Lots of great music and memories for sure.
Out of the literally hundreds and hundreds of groups and artists that I have seen live, the Allman Brothers was one that I unfortunately never got to see. Wish I had.
First no Little Feat and now the end of the amazing Allman Brothers.
No more Robin Williams and Dennis Miller's retirement!

I am sixty two and screwed!,,...:-)
And now no more Jack Bruce. What a week.
I saw them around 76 in Gainesville,Fl. might have been at Lake Alice field,,many good concerts there over the years. Greg used to hang out around Bradenton,Sarasota often.I ve heard many stories about what a jerk he was.Ive not seen him myself,and love their music.Wish them a great retirement!
One of the great bands of all time. I find the Robert Earl Keen reference
amusing as well.
Well said Adam. The brothers have been a favorite for many years. I have seen them live in many incarnations as well and also have enjoyed some of the spin off projects like Sea Level. Years ago, I went to the old Moonshadow Saloon in Atlanta and saw a band called BHLT. It was Dickey Betts, Jimmy Hall, Butch Trucks, and Chuck Leavell playing countrified jazz fusion kind of like Sea Level. Basically they were just talented musicians having a good time. From a recording standpoint, other than the obvious (Eat A Peach, Fillmore East, etc.), I highly recommend the live recordings from their various appearances at the New Orleans Jazzfest. One of my system reference songs is "High Falls" from the "Win, Loose, or Draw" album. It is a Dickey Betts penned instrumental that has really complex percussion interaction between Jai Johnny and Butch. Not to forget a sweet Leavell electric piano solo and completed by a scorching Dickey Betts' guitar solo. With Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, and of course Duane in the band at various times, I think that Betts is often overlooked for contributing some of the most memorable licks and distinctive style the Brothers are known for.
soon their records cds will become pricey, so all fans need to rush!
Nice comments Max ..... Very cool to hear about BHLT. That must have been a great evening. I agree with you about "High Falls" being a wonderful song and a terrific reference recording. Dickey Betts is a gifted songwriter and a very talented guitar player .... just too bad how he left the band under difficult circumstances. I saw the boys in one of the first shows after Berry died. Nassau Coliseum with the introduction of Lamar on bass and Chuck on piano. Dickey under the spotlights on center stage playing perhaps the best licks of his career, absolutely awesome with Chuck on piano doing one of the first performances of "Jessica", into "Southbound" and "Pony Boy." Wow, man, the band was really cooking that night !
I saw the Allmans a few times but the most memorable was the original line-up at the Fillmore East. They played a week-long engagement featuring Elvin Bishop 3rd billing, Johnny Winter And, 2nd, and the Allmans. It was from this concert series that the legendary 'Live' recordings came from. I went to the late show and at the end Elvin & Johnny came out to Jam, what a night!!
Yep. Chuck can tickle the ivories. His work with Clapton, the Stones, and others is a testimony to that. His solo albums are worth checking out. I particularly like "Southscape".
Great 70's Band. Saw Them Also Many Times In NY & NJ. Lived A Couple Of Blocks From Capitol Theater In Passaic, NJ. Sorry To See Them Calling It Quits PS. Saw Them In Central Theater In Passaic Right Before Duane Passed, Great Performance.
I had not heard they were retiring. Huge bummer as they are one of my favorite bands but I have never seen them. Hawaii's concert scene is very limited and is skewed to pop. Hadn't heard Little Feat retired but understand Eagles also on their last tour. Clapton making similar noises. These guys are in their mid to late 60s or older and the stress of touring is rough.
Very saddened by this although the last few times that I saw them which was recently, the spark was just not there. I have seen them all over since the late 70's, including seeing them at The Beacon Theatre.....but to tell you the truth, they have not been the same since Dickey Betts got the boot in 94-95. Dereck Trucks is a fantastic guitar player but he just didn't have that sound Duane Allman / Allamn Brother sound. I sometimes found his guitar playing .....not appealing. I guess that I just missed Dickey in that band. Too bad as when they wanted to be good ...there were once of the best live bands ever. This will leave a huge hole as well as the ending of and really the alst bands from that era. I also think that endig the show in the early morning of 10/29/14 was also hopefully a final tribute to Duane who started the whole thing. I know I will see them individually when they come around ...but I will miss seeing themas a band. A lot of great memories for me

"but to tell you the truth, they have not been the same since Dickey Betts got the boot in 94-95. Dereck Trucks is a fantastic guitar player but he just didn't have that sound Duane Allman / Allamn Brother sound. I sometimes found his guitar playing .....not appealing. I guess that I just missed Dickey in that band."

Could not agree with you more. I grew up playing guitar and can play every lick of any Allman Bros songs. I found Trucks guitar playing too much almost trying to do too much where Duane was just more sweet sounding. Glad someone else has my same opinion. I was out the Filmore concerts (man am I old - CRAP!) then I purchased my first Les Paul guitar. I did see them for many years at the Beacon with Dickey and Warren and they had some great moments but when Betts was booted, I did not feel the band had that magic.

I hope Betts still comes around. It's all my fault, I must have done somebody wrong!

Happy Listening.