A few questions about the "Helix Image Interconnects"

I ordered VH Audio 18 awg silver wire and  mil spec 16 awg silver plated wire to make a double/ double interconnect for my tube gear.  Unfortunately, I ordered 14 awg for the neutral wire.
Would you:
Order again?
Use the 14 awg as a double/ single?
Use the 14 awg as a double/ double?
Will it even fit in KLEI Absolute Harmony RCA connector?
What is the latest feeling about twisting the naked silver in one teflon tube or two individual tubes?
Thank you so much for this,
Jeff from Brooklyn
Well Jeff from Brooklyn, I'll give it to you straight. It's your design, you will have to tell us how it works out. Even something that seems like a simple design can have complex interactions and mechanical issues. Look at the stuff when you get it and see if it will work for you. 
I used both as I have built a great number of these.  My favorite is two 14 gauge on the outer helix.  You are all set! You just need some skills to solder the two 14 gauge wires together at the ends so they fit nicely inside the KLEI barrel. 
Like you I ordered 14 gauge by mistake! I like it a little better than the  16 gauge. 
@jcny111 (Jeff) - once you have inserted the signal wires into the helix neutral then just tighten the coil around the signal wire by twisting the neutral until the RCA housing fits.

It is a bit of a squeeze but I have also used 14 gauge in a double single approach - for some reason one of my components sound better with the double/single as opposed to the double/double.

But I did not find the 14 gauge provided tangible benefits compared to the same cable with 16 gauge neutral in my system

Strange but true :-)

Regards - Steve