A few new questions for me

first off, are the older lexicon 512 amps any good? I got a sorta handed to me and it seems to work. I am looking to add a processor to it. I was going to go with a integra or marantz before the amp but now that i have this thing was looking at just getting a processor. Not looking to spend to much but just starting out here.. thanks!
It was built by Bryston and is a close relative of their 9B.

What is your budget for the prepro? Bottom line, imho, is a used Integra 9.8 or 9.9 or Onkyo 886/886.

thanks! budget is probably low compared to some but i'd say around $1k.

I was also looking at integra 50.3...would that work? Or should i go with the 9.9
50.3 is probably good and newer than the ones I mentioned but I have no personal experience with it.

Definitely keep the amp and get a pre/pro IMO. Upgrade the rest of the system, then upgrade the amp. It's a very good amp. A little old, but Bryston ages very well.
so i guess for me it boils down to

-like Kbarkamian said - keep the amp and build on it


Take a little more cash and just buy a SR7005 or something equivalent that has a built in amp and NOT fiddle with the separates...

That amp will power speakers better than any receiver that I know of. Most receivers' spec sheets are a bunch of BS when it comes to ratings. They'll take one channel at the easiest to reproduce frequency for a millisecond, and measure it for a nanosecond. This is how they can get away with figures like 170 watts x 7. Your amp's specs are legit. If it says 150 x 5 or whatever it is, you can bet every channel does that simultaneously throughout the entire frequency range. You can also bet that it'll drive low impedence speakers without a hiccup.

Sorry if I sound like a salesman. To me, it would be a no-brainer. But I don't have your room, space requirements, budget, preferences, etc.
i hear what your saying. and i too feel the same. i know about head units and car amplifiers so i think this about the same situation. no head unit would power a set of separates the same as a good 4 channel amp. this amp will be in a living room powering five in ceiling 8" speakers so i am not looking to blow the doors off my house with those.

are receivers decent though for processors?
I've used a 512 for many years in a nice HT system. It will blow doors off, but the point is really control and clarity that a quality high-powered amp brings to and over your speakers.

I believe it is 140wpc. I just sent the 2nd unit (of the 5) back to Bryston for update/repair. It is $120 vs the $200 I paid a nunnery of years ago when the first channel died.