a dvd worth buying

Although i don't buy that many comedys on dvd,i caught the movie"Meet The Parents" at theaters and remember having a smile even after walking,what seemed like a mile at one of the local movie multiplexes.I also remember everyone else leaving the theater with smiles or grins on there faces.I think maybe this ones a buy as opposed to rent movie.imho
I'll rent it first. The only movie dvds I buy, I have rented first. Music dvds ,is another story. "Tanks" fer the tip. Another older family comedy would be "Parenthood". Directed by lil'Opie,(Ronny Howard)with Steve Martin.Some good music in there too.(Randy Newman)
Meet the Parents didn't really grab me, but I could put almost anything by Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick or the Coen brothers on repeat and watch it indefinitely.
Has any one seen the movie Office Space I laughed non-stop
Yes, Office Space was great, I have a copy on vhs, would buy the dvd if I could find it. Did you get the memo??
Heh No_Money what's happening....it seems you have a problem with your T.P.S. reports it's just that we are putting a new cover sheet on all of the T.P.S reports before they go out so if you could sort of go ahead and try to remeber that it would be terif and I will make sure you get another copy of the memo. Thanks a bunch :>)
Tire, hadn't watched this since I bought the copy on sale. Your post inspired me ( at 5:00 a.m. ) to throw it in. Still just as funny. Pretty much what happens at work...