A DJ's conundrum

Hello all! I'm a DJ new to the world of pro audio and I was wondering if you could be of any help.

A new trend emerging in premier nightclubs around the world is the use of an outboard DAC attached between the CDJs (Pioneer CD players) and the DJ mixer. In the past, I know pro sound installers have used the Apogee DA-16X and AD1000. This is because the Pio's internal DAC is really subpar. I would like to incorporate this into my home setup. I've tried to clean up the "back-end" by using my SPL Tube Vitalizer's 3 ECC83 tubes. But now I'd like to clean up the front-end. The only problem is I need 2 DACs, one for each CD player, and the mixer accepts only unbalanced RCA ins. The Pioneers use a coax digital out.

After reading many threads on Gearslutz, I was just about sold on a pair of Benchmark DAC-1s, but now after browisng here I think I may choose a pair of Paradiseas and Monarchy DIPs. Two reasons: first, I can't afford Lavrys or Myteks or Lynx or DSC. Second, mastering grade converters are praised for their transparency, which is something I don't think I want, because many times I'm playing very poorly mastered (loudness war victims...clipping and no dynamics) electronic music, sometimes even in MP3 format! So would this be an appropriate choice for me? I'd like to keep the total as close to $1000-$1500 if possible, but the lower the better. And check out my current set-up, to see if there are any weak links. Thanks!

--I should mention the CDJs put out 16bit 44.1 samples, hence I think the DIP could really be of use?

My current setup:
2 Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3, 2 Technics 1200 M5G w/Ortofon Nightclub E, Electronique & Spectacle DJR 400 portable rotary mixer, Ultrasone DJ 1 Pro headphones, SPL Tube Vitalizer, Apogee Mini-Me, Event Audio Studio Precision 8 monitors.

photos here if you're interested:

IN SHORT: looking for great sound, not exactly mastering-grade accuracy! :)

Just visited Monarchy's website. Looks like the DIP may be of no use to me:

" 7: The new Word length at the Output is now 24 bits. If 16 bit data (standard CD) is fed at the Input, there would be 8 bit of blank data within the Word. Conventional (44.1 or 48 Khz) D/A Converter would not recognize these 8 bits anyway. "

Am I right?
I don't think so. 20 & 24 bit d/a's can handle up to that amount. 16 bit redbooks will play great on anything of 16bit or above. You are just underutilizing the abilities of the d/a.
16 bit d/a's are old. Don't sell yourself short. Nobody that I'm aware of even makes 16 bit d/a's anymore???
hmmm...ok. i'll confirm the specs of the digital signal.
Best dac for cheapest available with excellent sound is the Non Oversampling, and they are 16 bit.. They have the most analog sound close to that of a turntable. And guess what? They Cost 170 each. Audio mirror a hi end company use to use and modify them. You can get them direct from the distributor Here:


Not to mention they are extremly compact, very well built, and sound as good as my old Wadia player. I just recently upgraded to an all in one unit, without need of the dac any longer, but it is still the best value in audio for Solid Redbook playback. You get a 30 day return as well I believe. You can find many good reviews and variations of this Dac praised pretty highly on this site and others looking up either the Audio mirror version or the
Lite DAC-Ah model. For your use, I can say you will not find a better value sounding piece. There is a couple very expensive pieces using this design approch as well like Audio note.
Good luck
thanks guys! i have heard from some people that OS DACs tend to be more "revealing" than NON-OS DACs which are "warmer". Considering the often poor quality of the source material, I may be leaning more toward a NON-OS model right now.

Err...tough choice!