A DIY tube amp with a little power, any ideas?

I just caught the audiophile bug, but I caught it pretty bad. I am building a new system and for budget purposes I would love to build a DIY tube amp. I am waiting on my Bottlehead foreplay right now but I need to find a KIT (not schematic and parts list) with a little power. I am not looking at getting high efficiency speakers, so the 1-10 watt amps are not options. I have looked at the kits at DIYcable.com and Bottlehead.com but beyond that are there any other good kits. I have a very limited budget so something like Welborne is out of the question. Are there any DIY�ers out there who have ideas for a few hundred dollars?

Thanks a lot
Eric Baer
You could try to find an old Dyna and upgrade the parts, they had a very good circuit.. Or try looking at kits from England , they are typically on more of a budget than in this country. Make sure that they are avil. for 120/60. Lux use to make some good tube kits. You could also rebuild a classic Scott or Fisher or Heath or other. A friend of mine does this regularly with excellent results. With the improvement in parts in recent years they will sound better than new and you will get the transformer and chassis cheaply. Stan
Have you looked at the Transcendant Sound site? They offer kits.What impedance speaker,effiency/room size?
3.5Wpc may suit your needs - they can come in a kit. Sam Tellig of Stereophile has given it good reviews.
You may have decided by now but, if not, look at an AES Superamp. About $1,000 for a new kit or $750 or so used on Audiogon. Drives my Soloquy 5.0's nicely with 15 watts. Not ear crushing but plenty loud in my small room. Got the best amp reviews I've ever seen(well deserved IMHO).