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I am a jazz fanatic. I love the "classics"; you know, Miles, Dave, Sonny, John etc. All those artists mentioned in the "Jazz Recommendations" thread are what I love and listened to. I will very very rarely buy a CD of a contemporary jazz artist or group. I was curious of the recent Grammy for "Chan's Song" on Michael Brecker's CD entitled "Nearness of You" so I bought it. I have to say it is quite nice, in fact it is really good stuff. The only thing that seems out of place are two tracks with James Taylor vocals. They are pleasant enough, just kind of too much of a change. Anyway, I wanted to pass on my views on this CD. It's a real nice listen.
Boski, I have been a fan of The Brecker Brothers for years. It just depends on my mood - they can get kinda funky and I like that :) Thanks for not following the usual "I'm a *real* jazz fan" attitude. It's refreshing to see an open mind... and ears