a differ dac

im useing a msb moded link dac three by dan wright with network card,revelation power cord for monolithic power hb3.and 2 tara labs air power cords running a cec tl 2 transport and monothith power.what dac should i try next ,,i want something newer with balanced outbuts and balanced input and 24.192 upsampl help please
don't know if they do 24/192 but you might do yourself a service and audition some of the Audio Note DAC products. When you get to the level 3 stuff it starts getting really, really good. They have fully balanced models, too.
Audio Note is non-upsampling filterless technology. However they are excellent DACs in the 2.1x and up range of their series. These happen to be the more expensive ones. I would recommend you look at a non-upsampling filterless design as I have enjoyed the benefits of it immensely. I would recommend the Audio Mirror D1 but they do not have balanced outputs.