A dedicated digital Cable or XLRinterconect?

I have a Forsell transport and DAC and need a good cable btw them. Whats the difference btw a dedicated cable that has the word "digital" on it vs a ordinary XLR interconnect cable?
The digital cable, if it is made correctly, is 110 ohms.
RCA digital cable is 75 ohms and AESEBU digital cable is 110 ohms. I too own a Forsell Air Reference transport and I personally favor either the Purist Audio Dominus RCA digital cable or Argent Audio Pursang RCA digital cable.

The DAC that I am using is a Audio Logic 2400.
More importantly a digital cable is stranded differently than an analog cable. In Nordost terms the analog cable is comprised of seven strands and the digital 75 ohm cable is one strand while the digital 110 ohm/balanced cable is comprised of two strands. This is required for isolation of the signal and insulation from interference that analog signals are not as subject to.