A decent preamp to complete my setup?

Hey everyone! I'm absolutely new to the hobby and am coming along with a turntable setup and have everything besides my preamp. So far I have a Technics sl-1200mkd3 turntable, two svs ultra bookshelf speakers, and a NuForce STA200 160 watt amp. I'm loving the setup so far because apparently the NuForce will do well with the SVS speakers, but I've been cautioned to use a preamp that has as low gain as possible since apparently the NuForce has a lot already (I admit I'm not too sure if this is a big deal or even much of an issue, but initially it makes sense). I've heard somewhere in the 2-3db region is great, but have no idea where to look for something like that. My budget is $300-$350 so I'm hoping that's enough to get something decent, do you guys have any suggestions? I don't want any bells or whistles like streaming, DAC, etc. Just a good preamp with volume control that's simple to run from my turntable to my amp. If the perfect piece of equipment for me is a little outside of my range I suppose I'd have no problem saving up a bit more to get it, but I'm hoping something that gives me the bare bones I'm looking for will be decently in my range.
If you notice those numbers don't add up to $2500 that's because I take $500 right off the top for my time and expertise.

@millercarbon Are you really serious? You are charging this lady 500.00?
I can only think I must not have read that right.

I am always happy to offer advice to a novice. I will even spend my time doing the legwork and send links of equipment I'd recommend. It never crossed my mind to ask for a penny.

You should be happy to bring someone else into the fold. Not charging commission. Unbelievable.


for that price, there are a ton on fleabay, BUT, beware, get protection, check the seller out w a magnifying glass if you can. Fleabay full of sheisters. 

 Onkyos are abundant, p series, and others. 
the audiosource preamp one has been known to sound straight wire and last a long time. For the budget, any descent brand will do,.....just make sure about the condition of the preamp.

keep us up to date....
As @Georgehifi suggested, the Freya (used V1) would be an excellent choice for the Nuforce.  I’ve used this combo and have nothing negative to report.  Plus, usable remote!