A decent preamp to complete my setup?

Hey everyone! I'm absolutely new to the hobby and am coming along with a turntable setup and have everything besides my preamp. So far I have a Technics sl-1200mkd3 turntable, two svs ultra bookshelf speakers, and a NuForce STA200 160 watt amp. I'm loving the setup so far because apparently the NuForce will do well with the SVS speakers, but I've been cautioned to use a preamp that has as low gain as possible since apparently the NuForce has a lot already (I admit I'm not too sure if this is a big deal or even much of an issue, but initially it makes sense). I've heard somewhere in the 2-3db region is great, but have no idea where to look for something like that. My budget is $300-$350 so I'm hoping that's enough to get something decent, do you guys have any suggestions? I don't want any bells or whistles like streaming, DAC, etc. Just a good preamp with volume control that's simple to run from my turntable to my amp. If the perfect piece of equipment for me is a little outside of my range I suppose I'd have no problem saving up a bit more to get it, but I'm hoping something that gives me the bare bones I'm looking for will be decently in my range.
You really need to learn about budgeting! Everyone, but everyone,gets it all wrong. Except Harley.
@millercarbon -- Wow! Really??? That is just an incredibly ignorant and arrogant statement. Sorry, but the only absolute in this hobby is that there are so many important variables that there are absolutely NO absolutes. PERIOD!!! Including Mr. Harley.

As proof, I dare you to list all the equipment you recommended to build that $2500 system here, and I’ll bet you’ll get tons of responses as to how you could’ve done it much better and/or much cheaper.

Just because you read a book doesn’t mean you’re the end all be all of building audio systems. The best teacher BY FAR, IME, is hearing as many systems and pieces of audio equipment as possible (optimally in your own home and in your own system) to build your own real world perceptions and mental inventory of how things really sound and work. Even then, that’s just your own personal opinion based on your tastes and how you hear. Saying there is some "magic" formula to build a great-sounding audio system based on one guy’s opinion is just pure poppycock and something less-experienced listeners need to tell themselves to make them feel better about not going out and putting in the time to really figure things out for themselves. Peace out.
Oops, wrong Harley. millercarbon meant this one:.

Home Theater for Everyone: A Practical Guide to Today’s Home Entertainment Systems https://g.co/kgs/8QSBU2

He got his bibles crossed up.
It’s like confusion is his specialty.
Look for well maintained vintage gear like Yamaha, Toshiba or Luxman. They had killer phono stages back in the day when vinyl ruled.
A decent preamp to complete my setup?

Your NuForce STA200 only needs a minuscule 0.45v input for full wattage output. And it’s got 50kohm input impedance, good for anything. Which makes an ideal candidate for a unity gain or low gain preamp.

Schiit Remote controlled Freya+ comes to mind for a combo of 3 x low gain preamps in one, switchable from passive to solid state to tube.

And they also do a phono stage if you need one. 

All their products come with a 15 day trial period

Cheers George